City of Tucson gets help from UA Interns

September 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Tucson, Arizona…..In a city known for its vast size and seemingly endless boundaries, it comes as no surprise to most of us about the amount of time we spend driving each day. To a new arrival, this presents quite a challenge. Edmond McGuyer moved to Tucson at the beginning of the year and joined the ranks of new arrivals seeking orientation. “Tucson is a beautiful city, the climate and landscape are fantastic; however, the city is so spread out that it has been difficult finding what I need.” Since this is not an isolated or new problem, a solution should be available, somewhere.

A few months later, McGuyer decided to test an idea. The University of Arizona has a great program available that allows students an opportunity to work with different companies. These internships can provide many benefits for the students and local business communities through the exchange of information and hands on experience. Several students enthusiastically expressed an interest in this idea and was born. We all use maps of one type or another to find directions to a destination. What if you want to discover what business is available in a particular area? provides a map that affords business an opportunity to show their location visually. Not only does this map show a location in relation to landmarks on a map, but it includes a link to the business website: all the information that a business wants to offer is just a click away.

“After living in several cities, I always had the problem learning the area. I wanted to know my surroundings and not have to always search.” McGuyer said: “if business would get on a map, then other visitors, residents, new arrivals could benefit as well.”

Living in the same area for several years, he would always be amazed to find a store he would have used. Besides being user friendly and fun to use, the idea just makes sense. In fact, McGuyer believes that clicking on a map and having all the information immediately available, without having to click off the page revolutionizes the information highway. allows you to stay on the same page; you do not have to go to the search engines. Once you find your point of interest, you click it and you have the information before you. If necessary, a simple bookmark will save the site for future review.” This is a paradigm shift. The information highway forms a hub on the map in a totally user-friendly way.

When asked about the limited area on a map, McGuyer agreed that it was an obstacle, but that is reality. Every map has limitations, it doesn’t mean that we won’t overcome them in the future, but for now we just need to live with them. The present is all about having the opportunity to get on the map and those who embrace the opportunity can benefit. “This is America,” says McGuyer, “and you have to stake your claim if you hope to succeed. If you don’t stake a claim, how can you be a success?” McGuyer’s suggestion is to find your location before space becomes a problem at before the competition does.