September 27, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Advertising and marketing have become a very competitive industry. Companies are in search of a new way to brand products that appeal to consumers consumption. Daily people are exposed to thousands of advertising impressions from the time we wake up till the moment we go to sleep. Company’s entice us to taste, watch, listen and experience their products. The advertising industry spends millions of dollars in attempt to influence our next purchase, and a 20 year old Entrepreneur in Colorado Springs, Co wants his share of it.

Phillip Tapia is the Founder and President of a new & unique company he calls, Tray Display Advertising Inc. This young man has transformed an ordinary 8 ½” x 11” regular piece of white paper and turned it into a full time business. This is much more than just a Press Release, this is a story of a determined young man that turned his idea into a reality.

Phillip Tapia launched Tray Display Advertising Inc. into a business in 2004 from the basement of his home. Tapia designed and developed a new advertising concept that turned trash into cash. For the past two years, Tapia has had an agreement with 23 of Wendy’s restaurants including Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Co. Tapia has agreed to sell advertising space on the tray liners (placemats) , that Wendy’s use to serve all dine-in customers. As determined as Tapia was, he set out to pitch his idea equipped with passion and a sales kit. He presented the opportunity to advertise in one of Americans #1fast food Restaurants. In a short time, Tapia built relationships with national marketing directors and advertisers with companies that include brand names such as Crayola, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Bally Total Fitness, Earl Schieb Auto Paint & Body Repair, Fast Fix Jewelry Repair and Ace Cash Express.

Two years later Tapia says business has been great! Everyone likes the new marketing ideas. The 20 year old Entrepreneur negotiated valuable add space on his placemats with no investment. Tapia made money from the start earning over $60,000.00 in revenue and saving Wendy’s restaurants over $10,000.00 in placemat expense during the first year. Tapia found it humorous that a few clients have strategically placed their ad space by imagining a burger, fries and soft drink on top of it. Today Tapia prints hundreds of thousands of Wendy’s tray liners every month and for 15 to 30 minutes, while customers enjoy their meal, Tray Display Advertising goes to work. Beginning in May 2006, Tapia will begin Pizza Box Topper advertising by using Colorado Springs Little Caesars pizza boxes as a promotional vehicle to get an advertising message into homes and offices throughout the city.

No space on Tapia’s tray liner and pizza box Topper goes to waste, including the reverse side. When customers turn it over there is more. Monthly Tray Display Advertising features a coloring contest. Kevin Cordtz, Tray Displays coloring contest artist creates a custom designed coloring contest with client’s mascots and local radio DJ’s built into it. The radio personalities are turned into cartoon characters. The sponsoring radio station invites listeners to stop by their neighborhood Wendy’s to pick up a tray liner and color the contest to win great prizes. 98.9 KKMG Magic Morning Show host Chris Knight told his listeners he had never been colored on in by a crayon. 95.1 KRDO morning show hosts Dan & Dave joke on air that they had poured ketchup on each others face when they stopped in Wendy’s for a burger. Every month hundreds of coloring contests are turned in to Wendy’s for judging. Different age groups are awarded Crayola Coloring Kits and free ride and token passes to Joyrides Family Fun Center in Colorado Springs. Not everyone throws their tray liner away anymore.

Tapia credits his dad Mike for coming up with the original idea and helping him to make it all happen. “My dad taught me everything I know about advertising.” Mike Tapia a 28 year radio adverting sales executive veteran and current senior account executive and consultant for Newell Ledbetter Advertising Inc. said, “from birth, Phillip was in advertising and everywhere a radio event or promotion took me, Phillip was at my side.” Mike and Phillip are not just father and son and business partners, they are best friends. Together they plan to expand Tray Display Advertising into Tucson Arizona Wendy’s beginning November of 2006, at the same time the Tapia Family will also be selling The Tray Display Advertising “How To Manual” that will teach entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to start their own Tray liner Business. You will be able to log on to www.TrayDisplayAdvertising.com and purchase a Manual for $49.95. Also in August Tray Display Advertising Inc. will offer consulting, coloring contest designing and tray liner (placemat) ordering system. Mike and Phillip wrote the Manual together outlining how they created and launched this unique concept. They both agree that anyone can start a Tray Display Advertising business in any City, any State, any Country, Anywhere! The Tapia family can teach anyone how to do it.