The Dalai Group Expands its Hispanic Network into an Impressive 400 Hispanic Web Sites

September 27, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Dalai Group, an industry leader in interactive marketing and a major player in the U.S. Hispanic market, has established yet another impressive standard in the online world through their recent noteworthy expansion of over 400 U.S. Hispanic web sites.

The U.S. Hispanic buying power is currently $736 billion dollars, but what makes this figure even more remarkable is its growth potential in the near future. Hispanic buying power is increasing by 8% each year, which is two times faster than non-Hispanic buying power. According to the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia, by 2010, it is projected that U.S. Hispanic buying power will reach 1 trillion dollars.

At this time, only a modest percentage of Hispanic Internet users are reached through any one particular web site. The Dalai Groupís network increase to over 400 web sites is an exceptional accomplishment for targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. Those advertising agencies and advertisers who cater to the Hispanic market can appreciate the importance of this development. ďThe expansion of the U.S. Hispanic network was a response to several of our Fortune 500 clients who were looking for additional advertising space in a market with limited online advertising exposure,Ē says Pilar Lazzati, VP of Interactive Marketing at The Dalai Group.

The Dalai Groupís Hispanic division aims to help advertisers diversify their business ventures through the effective combination of strategy and placement. The Dalai Groupís capabilities not only include advertising campaigns that stand apart from the crowd and deliver successful results, but also the ability to place advertisements in front of the desired target market. With over 400 targeted web sites that vary in subject and interest, companies will be able to connect with a larger percentage of the Hispanic population through widespread exposure. These web sites range from finance to entertainment, to healthcare, and represent a wide variety of interests that are common in everyday life. The Dalai Groupís unique understanding of the diverse U.S. Hispanic population distinguishes them as a leader in the ethnic marketing world.

About The Dalai Group
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