MyMindshare announces 10-point declaration of mindshare independence

September 30, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MyMindshare, a consumer advertising cooperative, released a 10-point declaration that will end the dominance of ad-supported media in the world today.

Advertisers pay to acquire customers. They pay TV and radio networks; they pay newspaper, magazine and web site publishers; they pay the MEDIA to reach you, the customer.

We want to cut out the middleman and enable advertisers to pay you for your brand awareness and status as a customer.

Our goal at MyMindshare is to bring customers and advertisers together in a meaningful, valuable manner.

The following is a 10-Point declaration for consumers everywhere:

1. My mindshare is mine.

2. My mindshare has real monetary value.

3. I have a right sell, trade, or keep my mindshare as I choose.

4. Nobody is entitled to take my mindshare without my permission.

5. Unsolicited and intrusive advertising amounts to mindshare theft.

6. Mindshare theft is wrong.

7. I have a right to resist mindshare theft.

8. I demand media that does not deal in stolen mindshare.

9. I support media that respects my mindshare.

10. The world is better when individuals control their mindshare and their media.