Armand Morin’s 8th Big Seminar Announced to Take Place in Atlanta, Georgia

September 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Atlanta, Georgia - Marketing seminars are not something unusual. One that features only the legends of online marketing though is. This is apparently one of Armand Morin’s trademarks. Each of the other 7 seminars benefited from the presence of several personalities such as Michel Fortin or John Reeves.

The whole seminar will go on for a duration of 3 days. More specifically on October 27th, 28th and 29th. Given that the seats are limited (only 500 of them), the access is allowed by invitation only, from either some members of the BigSeminar Faculty Members or by a previous attendee. The price for entrance to such an event isn’t very cheap either, expect to pay 2 cool grands in order to get there.

The organizational skills of mister Armand Morin are definitely impressive as a short overview of will undoubtedly convince you. This event features no less than 10 stars explaining their most effective winning strategies beginning with Rich Schefren, continuing with Stu McLaren and ending with the controversial Dr. Mike Woo Ming, whose speech is definitely anticipated.

The most important feature of this seminar though is the way it manages to blend several key issues in both offline and online marketing. Copywriting, affiliate programs, marketing leads, new media, viral marketing, cost optimization and so on.

These aspects though do not exactly fit the not so generous aura surrounding Internet marketing. As we speak, there are many online businesses failing although the model “should” work in theory. This is perhaps the reason behind the exclusivity of this club. It can be argued that there can be only a limited number of successful marketers at one time even with the explosive growth of online business. If only a few members would use a certain method the results could be nothing short of incredible, if everybody would use it, the results would fall to mediocre.

Nonetheless this seminar is definitely one of the attractions of this fall and it will definitely not go unnoticed.