Indianapolis Chamber Political Action Committee Endorses Candidates, Calls for Parties to Work Together Toward Smarter Government

September 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC) yesterday announced its endorsements for candidates for the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives.

“These bi-partisan endorsements will send a clear signal that the business community demands and expects more than politics as usual from the Indiana legislature,” said Roland Dorson, president of the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.

“No political party holds the exclusive right and title to business’ agenda, and the support of the business community should never be taken for granted,” said Alex D. Oak, chair of the Chamber’s PAC and Chairman & CEO of Paul I. Cripe Inc. “Our business community is thoughtful, well informed and committed. We expect our elected officials to work together constructively across party lines and call for a new civility, integrity and transparency in our Indiana legislature.”

Of particular concern in the last session of the General Assembly was the partisanship, which prevented the Indiana legislature from passing “Indy Works” legislation supported by the Indianapolis Chamber and most business groups.

“Passing legislation to reduce government costs, improve efficiencies and allow Indianapolis to complete initiatives begun with Unigov should have risen above the petty partisanship which blocked it,” added Dorson. “In this important election year, these endorsements indicate our support for candidates who share our business priorities and our commitment to improve the business climate in central Indiana.”

Longstanding members of the Indiana legislature along with newcomers received endorsements from the Indianapolis Chamber.

“We encourage voters to take advantage of the opportunity to elect the candidates who will work toward improving our great state, making it a better place to live, work and do business,” added Oak.

Oak said the PAC board evaluated candidates’ records and conducted face-to-face interviews.

“Endorsements are our most important way to provide assistance. Our financial support will go to those campaigns where it can make the biggest difference,” said Oak.

Endorsed for Indiana Senate are:
Mike Delph (R – District 20)
Jeff Drozda (R– District 21)
Phil Boots (R - District 23)
Jim Merritt (R– District 31)
Terry Coriden (D - District 41)

Endorsed for Indiana House of Representatives are:
Pat Bauer (D – District 6)
Jeb Bardon (D – District 25)
Jeff Thompson (R – District 28)
Kathy Richardson (R – District 29)
Tim Harris (R – District 31)
Jack Lutz (R – District 35)
Terri Jo Austin (D – District 36)
Scott Reske (D – District 37)
James Buck (R – District 38)
Jerry Torr (R – District 39)
Matt Whetstone (R – District 40)
Bob Cherry (R – District 53)
Sean Eberhart (R – District 57)
Woody Burton (R – District 58)
Milo Smith (R – District 59)
Randy Borror (R – District 84)
Brian Bosma (R – District 88)
Larry Buell (R – District 89)
Robert Behning (R – District 91)
Carolene Mays (D – District 94)
Greg Porter (D – District 96)
Ed Mahern (D – District 97)
Bill Crawford (D – District 98)

The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce's PAC operates separately from the Chamber with its own board of trustees. Funding for the PAC comes solely from contributions and donations, not from membership dues.


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