Tradeshow Experts Offer Cure for the “Ugly Tradeshow Booth Syndrome” on Free Audio CDSeminar™

September 30, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SALEM, OR., Oregon tradeshow expert Tim Patterson offers an assortment of answers and information from America’s Best Tradeshow Coaches and Experts. “The good news is: tradeshow marketing is one of the best tools for reaching a targeted audience,” he says. “The bad news is: poor tradeshow planning, ugly booths and untrained exhibit staff will do a lot of damage to your brand. But the rest of the good news is that it’s a relatively easy fix.”

Salem Tradeshow Expert Tim Patterson says that many tradeshow managers are overworked and underpaid and looking for solutions to day-to-day problems they encounter on the showroom floor. Many of them are working with new staff, old booths, inefficient lead-gathering systems and ineffective post-show follow-up from their sales staff.

“The result is that – on average – about 70% of all leads collected at tradeshows end up in the round file,” says Patterson. To offer at least the beginning of a cure for that, Patterson’s company Interpretive Exhibits, Inc. is making available a free CDSeminar™ that addresses many typical tradeshow headaches.

Patterson claims that lead generation is one of the easiest fixes. “Most companies don’t have a good system in place, mainly because they’re not asking enough questions or asking the right question,” he says. “Any system will work, as long as it covers the bases that that particular company or product requires. And that means looking at the lead-gathering process from start to finish: what kind of information is critical? What kind of follow-up does the prospect want? Where are they in the buying process? Once you determine what information is necessary, it’s easy to set up a short checklist to qualify and rank leads,” says Patterson.

The CDSeminar™ features well-known industry figures such as Skip Cox, President of Exhibit Surveys, Inc., Marlys Arnold of Image Specialist, Susan Friedmann, the Tradeshow Coach™, Candy Adams (known as ‘The Booth Mom), Paul Holland of Corum Marketing and many more.

Patterson says the free CDSeminar™ can help tradeshow managers of virtually any company, whether they’re small, medium or large, by offering expert advice on how to:

*Produce a better tradeshow
*Improve your company’s tradeshow image
*Prepare better for a tradeshow
*Bring home more qualified leads
*Follow-up on those leads, resulting in more business for your company
*Calculate your ROI for your tradeshow appearance
*Calculate and examine your ROO – your ‘Return on Objective’
*Work with show union labor
*And more

The CDSeminar™ is free for a limited time at Interpretive Exhibits, Inc.’s website by logging on to

Interpretive Exhibits, Inc. is a Salem, Oregon based full-service exhibit design and fabrication house. Since 1989 the company has serviced government agencies, private and public companies and non-profits. Tim Patterson is VP of Sales and Marketing for Interpretive Exhibits, Inc. and is available at 503-371-9411. Tim also hosts the tradeshow industry’s first podcast “The Listening Lounge” (at, which features interviews with industry consultants, experts and exhibitors.