Trlokom SpyWall Stops Rootkits, Keyloggers, and Regenerative Malware

October 02, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
onrovia, California (PRLEAP) - October 3, 2006 -
Trlokom, Inc., today announced that its flagship
product, SpyWall, now detects keyloggers and
rootkits to provide protection against the most
dangerous class of malware. The detection method
is based on behavior analysis to weed out the
latest and the zero-day malware.

Increasing number of malware are now using freely
available rootkit technology to bypass detection
by leading anti-virus and anti-spyware products.
These malware are near impossible to remove.

Therefore an equally, if not more, important is
SpyWall's ability to neutralize these malware.
SpyWall boasts unparalleled ability in removing
malware. Using a patent pending method, SpyWall
is able to get rid of even the toughtest to
remove malware that simply cannot be removed by
other products, even in the safe mode.

"Leading anti-virus vendors and Microsoft are admitting
that recovery from malware is becoming impossible
and that is being confirmed in third-party tests.
We have invented a simple and elegant solution to
prevent, detect, and remove regenerative and rootkit-
based malware" said Jayant Shukla, Founder and CEO of
Trlokom. "SpyWall makes recovery possible."

According to McAfee, over 85% of malware will use
rootkit technology by 2008. Use of rootkits by malware
is not a fringe phenomenon, but it is the main trend.

"We are developing cutting edge anti-malware technology.
For example, we were able to block the VML 0-day exploit
without using any signatures and not a single customer of
ours got infected. We will be adding VM based rootkit
detector in near future. While VM based rootkits are only
proof of concept and not yet practical, SpyWall's underlying
technology can detect virtual machine (VM) or
BIOS rootkits," added Jayant Shukla.

Since its launch, SpyWall has become the
technology leader in spyware prevention and unified
application threat management. SpyWall protects the
Internet Explorer Web browser and defeats any attack
that may take place while the user is surfing the Web.
SpyWall is also able control access to undesirable
Web sites, and accurately monitor Web browsing by
individual users.

About Trlokom, Inc. Trlokom, Inc., is a security
startup located in Monrovia, California. Trlokom's
flagship product, SpyWall (Anti-Spyware), is the
first and only browser sandbox integrated with
anti-spyware. SpyWall provides an enterprise class
solution for detecting, removing, and preventing
spyware. SpyWall also controls and monitors user
activity on the Web. Trlokom is a privately held
company with headquarters in Monrovia, California.
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