Now a website on Gandhigiri:

October 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
India : Recenlty a website was launched in dint and bstle. Now this site is a runway HIT . People here are discussion ways to implment gandhigir , thier expericne and are also seeking suggestion about gandhigiri.

Gandhigiri has evolved as a new phenomen all across India. People are going back to basics and re-trying to learn the phiolshyp of M K Gandhi.

The site claims to have around 500 members and averga daily hits to around 10000+ . The site has came up with some really cool stuffs like Gandhigir Forum - for disuccsion , Gandhigir Directory - to promote gandhigiri related platforms , Gandhiri Blog - write ups on gandhigiri, And now they have launche thier much awaited module coined "Mission Gandhigiri"

Speaking to the owner of - Mr Suraj jain , who comes from state of Assam on "Mission Gandhigiri" , he says that "Mission Gandhigiri is a new idea. I wanted people to start campaigns involving Gandhigiri .. but many times what has happened such campaigns idea don't last long as they no takers … thus here in "Mission Gandhigiri" where one can list his camoaigns and get reiews / comments from visitors . Even the visitors can become part of the campaing by joinging in just few clicks . In this way the main activities has the first hand idea on how to start and the basic facts like how much support he has "

Gandhigiri is doing well over all media , be it Television , readio , newspaper . Every now and then u get at one dose of Gandhigiri daily .

As first commented by critics that "Gandhigiri Era" will phase out . but the current status and the hype tell a all different stories. The Gandhigiri Campaign is getting more and more support .

Owner Contact Details
Shoppers Point , 5th floor
Fancy Bazar , Guwahati
Assam - India