As Society Changes, So Do the Yellow Pages - Often In Conjunction With The Internet

October 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Winnepeg, MB Canada (PRLEAP) October 4, 2006 —

As Society Changes, So Do the Yellow Pages - Often In Conjunction
With The Internet

Winnipeg, MB CANADA — As the Internet has grown, the Yellow
Pages have grown right along with it. At a time when online
search engines remain in the headlines, Yellow Pages use is
expanding rapidly as consumers use the two side-by-side.

75% of Yellow Pages use is related to major life changes.
"Studies show people turn to the Yellow Pages when they plan to
get married, buy a home, or retire," said Elizabeth Gage,
President and CEO of PCM International Inc. The firm is one of
Canada's leading CMR directory advertising agencies who service
national advertisers in the design and placement of their ads in
the Yellow Pages.

PCM's experience shows people who use the Yellow Pages also use
the online directory right along with it. "Search
Google for pizza and you get all kinds of quasi related links.
Search the Yellow Pages related directories and you get pizza
sellers," Gage said.

Both consumers and sellers find this direct connection rewarding.
Consumers find exactly the product or service they need with a
minimum of effort and time.

"We are in a paradigm shift.The consumer is king. If we want to
sell something to a consumer, we had better have their
permission. Internet Yellow Pages search engines are the
ultimate permission-based vehicles because the consumer searches
them out when ready to buy," Gage said.

Lately Yellow Pages publishers have created new headings to meet
the large and demanding needs of retiring Baby Boomers who want
new places to live, additional investment opportunities, and
greater involvement with pets. Likewise the Echo Boomers are
fueling growth in usage with increased references to headings
such as "Tattoo Parlours"

Call tracking programs are showing the printed Yellow Pages
deliver a 26 to 1 return on investment for advertisers in the 300
most referred to headings.

PCM also uses advanced search engine marketing to increase the
numbers of leads and new customers businesses get from their
online presence. In a time when search engine positioning can be
quite complex, PCM gives advertisers the specialized expertise
they need to be effective.

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