Pet Stash, an online pet supply store, goes live on the web

October 06, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Pet Stash is “born.” Pet Stash is an online pet supply store which will save those who have pets the time there is so little of these days.

At this point in time, Pet Stash will provide products for fish, cats and dogs. Pet Stash will expand some time in the beginning of 2007 to products for other small animals as well as reptiles and birds.

At the online pet supply store they provide a selection of aquariums and accessories, as well as aquarium ornaments, fish food, filtration, maintenance and cleaning supplies, etc. Their cat and dog section offers things such as carriers, bedding, collars, leads, grooming supplies, toys, food bowls, apparel, treats, pet food, etc.

Coming soon will be such items as thermometers, heaters, test kits, cat treats, litter boxes and accessories, scratching posts, chains and couplers, exercise pens as well as other expansion plans. For instance procedures for customers to safely donate money to abused/rescued animals.

The owner of the website, Stephanie Whitley says, “This project is close to my heart. I dearly love animals and have since I was a small child. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever lived one moment with out a cat in the house. When I was born we had a cat named Duke. Duke was bigger than I was. I now have Harry and Max, two domestic shorthairs living with me now. They were both abandoned to a pet shelter and a vet’s office respectively.
I also have two aquariums.”

To visit Pet Stash, type in the following web address: You’ll notice on the Home Page under the opening remarks that the site focus’ on fish, cats or dogs for two weeks or so at a time with an article of interest. The site changes its look every time the focus changes. As this Press Release is being written the focus is on Dogs. The article teaches you how to train your puppy not to touch things even off leash. The site itself has very cute photos of dogs.

“It’s my plan to give everyone a large variety of quality pet products,” says Whitley.