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October 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
It would be unfair to state that was trying to re-invent the wheel. does not seek not to change the way that people research, buy and sell cars on the Internet. Its goal is to improve the way that this is done, making it more efficient whilst saving the customer time and money in the process. It seeks to take the best of what there is out there at the moment, merge this into one site, and then improve upon it.

The Online Car Market as it stands
Used Cars There are several excellent sites in the market place, these sites are long established and have become household names. But, they seem to be resting on their laurels. They offer an incomplete service - they merely offer used cars and go no further. They do not cater for the new car buyer, and neither do they look to provide a service for the private individual or company car driver looking to contract hire or lease a car.

Consequently, they only cover about 30% of the total online car sales market. They are missing out on the new car and contract hire opportunities.
More to the point, is offering completely free advertising for ALL used car outlets for the balance of 2006.

New Cars
Again, there are some long established websites; however they only cover new cars. They do not offer used cars, whether that be to buy or to sell, they do not offer cars on contract hire or lease, so again they are only covering a small percentage of the total market.
They have other weaknesses in their armour. Whilst they profess to offer competitive pricing, they do not.
For each range of cars they offer for each manufacturer, they have just one main franchise supplier. What this means is that if they sell Honda Cars, they only deal with one Honda Garage. So how can their prices be competitive? Competition is about multiple prices, multiple suppliers and the ability to have one supplier compete against another. is the first site to allow ALL New Car Dealers the opportunity of entering their prices into our site. We will then display more than one price for any given model. The customer then has a choice.
This has the added advantage that it encourages dealers to bid against each other ultimately reducing each others price to the point were becomes the most competitive supplier of any given new car in the UK market and our customers save more than they could elsewhere.

This also gives the customer multiple prices to choose from, and because some dealers charge for delivery or do not give discounts on options, it means that the cheapest initial price listed isn’t always the best price for the customer. A car that is £50 more expensive, but is only 25 miles from the customer might be the best offer, especially if the customer would like to collect the car. does not take any short cuts in getting its prices as low as possible; they do not offer imports or grey import cars. All the offers are from UK franchise garages, UK specification, with full UK warranties.
The unique quality that brings to dealers is that it provides orders and enquiries from customers outside of their region, enquiries that they would otherwise not have had the opportunity of receiving.

Of course there will be some local customers that shop on the internet, but without being part of they would have lost these anyway. The question is, is it best to gain some out of area business, and retain local business at smaller margins - or look at the alternative of missing out on both and not selling any cars via ? Which makes the most financial sense (to both the dealers and the customers)?

Contract Hire
Car leasing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market place. There are hundreds of brokers out there, and a growing number of people interested in leasing a new car instead of going down the route of outright purchase. The brokers each have their own sites, but there are only a couple of sites that act as an advertising portal, allowing multiple brokers to enter offers.

Customers need the ability to compare offers, to see different prices for the same vehicle - whether that be for new, used or contract hire. The customer needs to be confident that has done all their homework for them, has shopped for all of the best prices and has compared the market for them. We are confident we can do this. is the first independent UK site to offer the consumer, a one stop solution to car purchasing. The site provides the solution for the customer if they are looking for a new car, used car, contract hire quote, or even if they are looking to sell their current car.
As covers all car purchasing routes, it is the first site where you can compare purchasing options, such as how much can you save by buying a car that is six months old instead of new? How much interest can you save by leaving £20,000 in the bank and getting a car on contract hiring instead? How much depreciation will you save by doing this? is also the first site that can help consumers buy a new car as well as helping them sell their current used car at the same time.

The opportunity for is unique; addressing issues in car purchasing that have never been addressed before.

As we said earlier it is unfair to compare what we are doing to re-inventing the wheel, the wheel was already there but it wasn’t connected to anything, we are simply making the wheel more efficient by allowing it to turn properly.

Each of BuyYourCar’s competitors has the equivalent of a car with one wheel; is the only vehicle with four wheels. offers the facility for private car sales on our site. Customers can enter their private cars for sale, and advertising rates start at just £2.45 providing another advantage over the competition.
These advertising rates are up to 90% cheaper than the competition.