Ideas are Free at the OzFreeOnine Forum

October 08, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Trust OzFreeOnline to bring in all the good stuff for free.

First, there's free membership, and free ad posting for your goods—and that's it—you just let us rake in high-quality traffic and maximum exposure to deliver you the best results.

Now, comes on OzFreeOnine Forum. Because, hey! We’re not just after the free flow of goods, but also ideas. Ideas make the world go round after all. At the OzFree Forum, get to meet some of the most high-kicking, itchy, and insightful minds online. If you're a used car dealer, a real estate agent, or even a newbie trader, this is a great way to make new friends as well as expand your connections.

At the OzFree Forum, for instance, there's Swap Corner where folks can advertise goods and what they'd like them to swap for. (Say, a drum set for a scooter, etc.) With Job Angst Inc., they can share their tales of successes and ordeals in that fascinating realm we call the workplace. Or you can also post a topic that's all your own.

Whatever it is you need everyone in Oz to know, log it at OzFree. Be heard, and be a member now!

At OzFreeOnline, ideas are free!

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