Starr Tincup triathlon team completes first month of training

October 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
FT. WORTH, Texas – October 10, 2006 – The five-member triathlon team from Starr Tincup, an integrated marketing firm that serves software and services companies through customer selection, acquisition and retention, has completed its first month of training for the Olympic-distance Lavaman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, on April 1, 2007. The team has kept track of their training, accomplishments and obstacles, as well as decided individually which team member is the most and least prepared.

During the last month, J. William Tincup, principal and co-founder of Starr Tincup, hired a personal trainer and purchased an exercise bike. Perhaps most importantly, he has cleaned up his exercise room at his house. He said he plans on exercising with his wife and using the training to make life changes that he has wanted to make. His wife and parents will go to Hawaii to see him compete, and he enjoys talking to prospects about the triathlon.

Bret Starr, principal and co-founder of Starr Tincup, has worked out six days a week during the last month. He bikes, swims and runs three times each week, which means he has biked, swam and run “lots and lots” of miles in the last month. Bret works out both individually and with the team, but enjoys the team workouts the most. He said he believes that he is the most prepared and that Mark Mitchell is the least prepared.

Bret’s wife, Jennifer Starr, has been following the training schedule that the team’s coach, Tom Parks, has provided. She said she is too scared to ask what the long-term training schedule looks like. Jennifer said that just sticking to the schedule for a month is “nothing short of a miracle.” She believes the team members who have been sticking to the schedule are the most prepared, while those who have not followed the schedule are the least prepared. However, she said she won’t name any names.

Kevin Mangum, who has never cared for running or any other cardio activity and could previously run only a mile at a time, can now run more than four miles and “would challenge Lance Armstrong to a cycling duel.” Kevin said he doesn’t know who the least prepared team member is, only because they are always too far behind him during training. He said he trains individually because “it’s all about the shock and awe effect. I don’t want them to see me coming.” He trains six days a week. He claims to have run, biked and swam about 100 miles so far, but because he works out alone, no one really knows.

Mark Mitchell said that the biggest accomplishment so far has been mobilizing the team members and getting them to commit to “a grueling physical training regiment.” Mark, obviously the optimist of the team, complained that “it’s no fun running or biking in the rain. It’s only going to get worse the closer we get to winter.” However, he did say that it really helps to train with a team because he knows that someone is expecting him to show up for a workout at 6 a.m. Mark lied, “I work out six times a week.” He said that at this point, Bret Starr is the most prepared and J. William Tincup is the least prepared, but he might just be sucking up to Bret.
The “official” workout schedule for the team consists of six workouts a week, with two days of running, two days of biking and two days of swimming. The team has Fridays off and does both a run and a swim on Saturdays. The team trains individually, but has three additional team workouts per week. If following the schedule, during September each member of the team should have run 27 miles, swam 5,000 meters and biked 94 miles.

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