Winning Paintball Tactics Revealed to the Public

October 09, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
October 9, 2006 — PiantballSecretsNow ( is proud to announce the release of its free course on winning paintball tactics. Through a series of tips and audios both beginner and experienced paintballers can learn how to outwit and outplay their opponents.

As paintball continues to grow in popularity more and more people are taking the sport seriously. While for some paintball is just a day to have fun, for others it is a serious competition. For those paintballers who want to get an edge on their opponents there are proven methods that will give them a tactical advantage. While experience can only be gained with time on the field, there are techniques that can be taught to shorten the learning curve, and give you the advantage.

Unfortunately, many paintballers in need of information spend their time searching the internet reading through various user forums that are full of misinformation and biased answers. Finally there is a better way to learn some of the "insider secrets" of paintball - our free course. One of the best ways to improve at paintball is to play with an experienced paintballer. However, finding an experienced paintballer that wants to play with someone less experienced is hard, since most come to play, not to teach. A great way to learn about the game of paintball is to volunteer to referee a game. By refereeing a game you can observe the tactics and maneuvers of experienced and professional players, and learn the best methods of individual and team play.

We have just released a free course that explores techniques that can dramatically improve your shooting accuracy. The free course also gives examples of strategies and what to do in different battle scenarios like when you are trapped behind a bunker. Additionally, you will learn about techniques on how to move on a paintball field and keep the odds of being hit or seen at a minimum. The free course explores new ideas in paintball such as scenario paintball. The course also offers advice for people who need to choose a paintball marker. If you are just starting out in paintball there is even information on how to prepare for your first time on the paintball field.

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