Once Rapping for Respect, Now Rapping for the People

October 09, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In an effort to bring to the forefront certain issues many rappers steer clear from, widely-known Spanish rapper Temperamento, best known for his battling abilities, is introducing to his hungry listeners a set of songs dealing with these selected topics. The first song released, “Tears,” opening the floor for controversy and debate, speaks of domestic abuse. With just the right amount of confidence and support in his end, Temperamento is aiming to expand his horizons and, in result, enlarging his fan base.

www.Perrealo.com In what way were you influenced to write a song about this specific topic?
Temperamento: I promised myself that I was gonna start doing a lot of songs about subjects that a lot of rappers would be afraid to touch base on, so I wanted to bring up the domestic abuse issue.

www.Perrealo.com Was there any personal meaning involved?
T: Yes, a couple. My mother was a victim of domestic abuse and I recently lost a friend who went through years of abuse. Also, nowadays, the number of females going through this type of physical and mental abuse has gone up real high.

www.Perrealo.com What audience are you trying to reach? Is it for the females or the ones inflicting the abuse?
T: Well, with this track, I’m trying to make guys who are being abusive realize the pain they’re causing to their partners and I’m also letting the females know that they do have a choice and they don’t have to put up with such a lifestyle.

www.Perrealo.com What other topics have you touched upon with the rest of your songs?
I have a couple of songs on the way, like “Pensando en Morir,” which talks about the thought of death, and “No te Vallas,” which is about the moment in life when you are seeing your mother passing away.

www.Perrealo.com Your fans are seeing new things from you lately. You’ve touched upon reggaeton and, now, you’re moving away from the hardcore rapper to show a deeper side to you. What is it you’re trying to achieve, whether it be image-wise or psychologically-speaking?
T: Well, I’m still Temperamento, but my goal is to be a legend. To be one, I have to win hearts and respect and there is no better way than being real and rap about things we all can relate to, whether it be one person or a whole crowd. I want people to feel my music, be able to cry and realize that they are not the only ones going through this.

www.Perrealo.com Tell me about MTV3!
T: Well, Roc la Familia is organizing a battle with MTV3. They’re looking for the best of the best and they contacted me because every person they talked to mentioned my name. I’m in there, ready to prove, once again, that, winner or loser, I’ll still be the talk of the night. Plus, I love the attention and the spotlight.

www.Perrealo.com What do you want to start, finish, touch base with by the end of this year?
T: Last year, I made sure I made my mark in the streets. This year, I want the females to love and respect my work, also…respect before fame. I know I’m the next big thing. Now, it’s my goal to let everyone else see and believe that.

By Stacy Christoforidis