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October 09, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News is your newest online one stop source for all the latest NFL news, predictions, tidbits, and commentary. The site, maintained daily, and sometimes multiple times per day, is dedicated on being your favorite Pro Football site for everything you need to and want to know about the NFL. From the sometimes biting commentary (8/28 - Anyone Got An Alarm Clock For Poor T.O.? “Now you have got to be kidding me. Terrell Owens is playing the “I overslept” card on the public when it comes to why he recently missed a meeting and was fined $9500.”) To the latest news (9/3 Foley Doesn’t Think - Nearly Gets Killed “Foley was shot by an off-duty cop after he was pulled over and instead of doing the smart thing and listening to the officer, he reached into his waistband after the officer fired a warning shot.” ) To the always favorite weekly predictions: (9/15 NFL Week 2 Predictions “Colts fans do not expect anything other than 7 to 8 wins at home in the regular season, and this is one of the easy ones. Indianapolis 27 Houston 10”) the site is on tap with everything happening in and around the NFL. is written by Matt Loede, who has covered the National Football League for the past 10 seasons. Matt began covering the league in 1996 doing work with an affiliate in Canton, Ohio covering the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 1999 Matt began covering the rebirth of the Cleveland Browns, and has missed just one home regular season Browns game in the last seven seasons. You can hear him nationally on Fox Sports Radio and Sporting News Radio each and every Browns home game giving updates as well as injury reports and commentary on the game. He has also done radio work for The Assoicated Press, CBS Radio, WFAN in New York, WIP in Philadelphia, and other stations across the country. While a lifelong NFL fan, Matt stays on the fence when it comes to covering teams and making points on the hard issues facing the sport of football today. is also a place for fans to share their thoughts on the hot topics in and around the league. We welcome interaction from the millions of NFL Fans from around the world, and look forward to posting and answering emails in the future. Don’t forget when making your daily rounds around the internet to check out, your new number one source for the National Football League.