YouTube and Goolge Video are too Mainstream for Skateboarding Culture

October 12, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Skateboarders have long been known as menaces to society. Skateboarding is usually paired with other extreme sports. The truth is skaters are different from rollerbladers, surfers, snowboarders, and any other extreme sport enthusiasts.

Mass media and popular Web 2.0 social networking websites group these people together because they do not know each individual sport, its proprietors, or their passion for the sport. Skateboarding is more than a hobby, sport, or art to skaters; it is their life. fills the void in the Web 2.0 world that skateboarders are missing.
Skaters have endless options and opportunities on specific to the city they live in.

Skaters can add spots in their city. They can review the spot, refer the spot to friends, add photos and videos that feature a certain spot, and even give the spot a bust factor. They can upload all of their footage, ordered by every skater and spot in the video, and have it reviewed by fellow skaters.

This means skaters no longer have to upload their videos to or Google Video to be rated, reviewed, and oft times ridiculed by web users who donít share the same passion for their art.

Skateboarding is a grass roots sport. That is why also allows skaters to add their local skate shop to the website for other skaters to find. These shops can also join the website and connect to their customer base in a way unimaginable before.

Every city has skateboarders, and has something unique to offer skateboarding. will unify the skateboarding community in its respective city. Each city has its own chat rooms, message board forums, spots, videos, photos, and shops. is a grass roots website, for a grass roots sport.