Smart Neurons’ Educational and Fun CD for preschoolers wins “CD of the Year Award” from Creative Child Magazine

October 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Texas, United States: Smart Neurons (, a company specializing in kids’ learning software, video and other educational aids, has been declared a winner of the 2006 Creative Child Magazine Award. The company was bestowed with the “CD of the Year Award” in the “Interactive Media- Preschool Education Category” by the highly respected publication, for the “Jungle Animals” CD from its Story Logic series.

Released in March 2006, the Jungle Animals software CD is designed for 3-6 year old kids to get an early exposure to computers. In the backdrop of lively music based on Mozzart and Beethoven classics, the CD introduces children to various forest animals (the characters of the ‘story’), while strengthening the abilities to listen, follow directions, understand cause and effect. With the characters working together to achieve a goal, the CD reinforces the value of social skills and nurture their development.

The Story Logic series introduces important pre-reading skills amongst preschoolers, while engendering positive feelings towards computers which have now become an indispensable part of a child’s education and growing up. The activities in the CDs focus on helping kids understand cause and effects, labeling emotions and exploring the social and emotional consequences of the decisions they make.

The award-winning Jungle Animals CD and other products from Smart Neurons, for different age-groups, are available for purchase at the online store located at:

Numerous scientific studies and child development experts have proven that children learn much faster in a fun and playful environment that allows them to explore and discover. Several vital attributes that are critical for future success in a competitive world can be developed and shaped during the formative years of a child by tapping into the vast reservoir of potential within a child’s mind.

Smart Neurons is committed to nurturing creative leaders of tomorrow by developing the creative, emotional and logical faculties of children. The company is focused on creating products that feed children’s imagination; catalyze and quench their curiosity; and instill a sense of achievement by giving kids “hands-on” experience. By using a medium that will be an indispensable tool in a child’s education and effectively combining the vital ingredients of audio and video, Smart Neurons is not only helping kids expand their mental horizons but also making learning a fun activity that they look forward to.

About Smart Neurons
Smart Neurons has a mission to develop creative leaders, one child at a time. The company works towards achieving this mission by developing creative educational software and videos for preschoolers that help develop critical thinking, imagination and leadership skills. The products use open-ended activities focusing on cause and effect, labeling emotions and exploring social and emotional consequences of their decision-making to impart and develop the above skills. The company’s debut product, Jungle Animals from the Story Logic series, an interactive software CD for 3-6 year old preschoolers was awarded the “CD of the Year award” for 2006 by Creative Child Magazine.