GrabTheBags.Com: New Vacation Accommodations Business Starts with a Bang!

October 12, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News vacation rentals and vacation accommodations worldwide. has become a worldwide vacation accommodations travel guide in just (4) short months of operation! was started in Canada with the goal of providing the best in service and selection to our website visitors as they seek to find their vacation paradise. Since our beginning in May of this year, we have grown at a fantastic rate due to our commitment to provide services and features that are lacking in many of our competitor's websites. has recently expanded to a worldwide accommodations website by continually adding services and partnering with quality vacation rental companies. We provide our website visitors easy access to quality vacation rental listings in places to stay on their vacation. Thanks to our: many new clients, commitment to customer support, aggressive marketing campaigns and fast development & deployment of new & improved services; we have earned a good standing with Google and other search engines. In fact we went from a Google PageRank of 0 to a PageRank of 3 in just one single Google review cycle! This milestone in our growth has been instrumental in helping us to gain momentum by partnering with other travel related websites on the Internet. Our next Google review is sure to produce a higher jump in our PageRank and improved visibility on the internet.

GrabTheBags.Com is the brain child of its two founding owners: James A. Paradise and Paul G. Paradise. James is a vacation rental property owner who has owned property in Nova Scotia, Canada for a number of years. Jim, as he prefers to be called, has had issues with the listing agencies he has used as he has found that the customer support and client features were for the most part, "bare bones". He had expressed these issues in conversations with his brother Paul who has been active in the software development and internet application development industries for over 12 years. Paul has no stronger driving force in his philosophy of business than customer support. He feels that the internet community has suffered long enough dealing with fraud, false advertising, broken promises and financial abuse as they have purchased numerous services from companies that promise the world and deliver a low ROI to their clients.

Paul Paradise has had the benefit of being a well liked, creative and energetic leader in software development arena with financial corporations and cutting edge SmartCard technology companies. He has a proven tract record of success and aptitude to transform outdated and inefficient online business processes into efficient automation and innovative technology solutions to the betterment of his customers and peers. He has worked with Florida State University to train interns in programming skills and helped many to develop their own professions as top notch software developers. Paul is also the owner of EITALL.COM, an internet software solutions provider with 10 years of longevity.

James Paradise is a Florida state licensed general contractor in the housing industry and has had a successful 20+ year career in that field as a project specialist, real estate investor and vacation rental property owner. As a result of his experience, he is well suited to the business processes of the vacation rental industry. He understands what issues property owners face in getting their properties booked, running a vacation business and maintaining the property in on and off seasons.

Under their combined leadership, is on its way to being the trend setter for vacation rental property owners and vacation rental seekers. GrabTheBags.Com is committed to BOTH groups as we seek out new and innovative ways to assist them in carrying out their vacation / rental plans. Our ongoing goal is to provide the best possible products and services to meet the needs of the travel industry to the highest level possible at the lowest possible cost. Mr. P. Paradise states it this way, "We DO NOT believe that our job ends once we get paid for a listing. In fact that's when our job begins! Too many of our competitors just sit back and collect fees while going on for years without any enhancements to their websites or any real gain to their clients. We know that our success is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to the success of our clients!". Philosophy: We are here to assist vacation rental property owners. We give them 150% and help them to reap the benefits of their investment by providing quality low cost services, excellent customer support and continuous training on how to improve their own websites. We are not threatened by their success (as many others are) but we strive to help them succeed. For decades the business model has been get what you can from others at any cost! "We believe it is a time for a change… time to return to helping others… time to bring back positive business practices and not concentrate on the Ole' Mighty Dollar! Life is about giving not taking!", Paul Paradise - August 2006.