Enabling Agencies to manage their own interactive SMS and MMS Campaigns

October 12, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Interactive Campaigns that utilise the power of SMS and MMS mobile messaging are becoming increasingly powerful marketing tools as consumers are showing a readiness to engage with brands via their mobile phone that they are not demonstrating with traditional advertising and marketing mediums.

The difficulty for most marketing and advertising agencies is that if they want to deliver this type of campaign for their clients they have to engage a third party supplier to fulfil the campaign. This adds significant cost, as these suppliers tend to charge large set up fees, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000, on top off the message delivery fees. The end result is that many campaigns do not get off the ground because the client can’t see the return on investment. It also means that small, niche campaigns are not viable because the up front cost cannot be amortised over a large number of customers.

empowermessaging’s Campaign Manager tool changes all that by delivering an online application that can manage the largest and most sophisticated inbound and outbound mobile marketing campaigns. This means that even the smallest agency can offer their clients access to this form of marketing. Instead of being charged many thousands of dollars per campaign agencies can run unlimited campaigns for the one low monthly fee of $990 per month (plus message costs). And, if the agency goes through a quiet period where no campaigns are anticipated they can simply cancel the service and re-register when required.

Campaign Manager is the tool to use when you need to communicate with a large number of recipients using SMS, MMS or email messages. As such its ideal for high volume marketing campaigns including push (you broadcast the message) and pull (you receive the message) campaigns. You can also use Campaign Manager to run polls, surveys, votes and competitions. Campaign can even distribute barcodes that can be used as redemption vouchers.


-Ability to send MMS (graphics and sound) and email messages in addition to SMS
-Ability to control the delivery rate (very important if the message will generate a level of response that might swamp the resources you have available to handle them)
-Handset parameter control (which allows you to maintain control of how your MMS message is displayed on the many mobile handsets that are available)
-You are able to test your campaign before sending it out
-Highly detailed reporting functionality
-Able to automatically manage permission based marketing requirements including opt-out.


-The ability to handle extremely large campaigns (empowermessaging’s technology is at the heart of Australia’s largest television SMS voting competitions)
-Gives you the ability to run customer surveys, quick polls, votes and competitions without -having to outsource the management and execution of the campaign to a third party
-One monthly access fee that allows an unlimited number of campaigns.

About empowermessaging
empowermessaging is focussed on delivering high value mobile messaging applications that automate business processes, improve services, enhance relationships with both staff and customers and reduce costs.

The empowermessaging product portfolio currently includes: Desktop SMS, Desktop+. Campaign Manager and Staff Match. These applications are delivered over the Internet and accessed via a web browser. Users do not need to download any software and they simply pay a monthly user fee and purchase message credits as required. The applications send and receive SMS, MMS and email messages via empowermessaging’s own carrier grade gateways.