Tactical Handguards - Function, Form, and Firepower

October 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Custom handguards not only dress up your marker and round out its image, they also give you dynamic solutions to aiming, mounting optical sights, and attaching flashlights or lasers. Real Action Paintball has M4 style handguards, and "space gun" style handguards like those on competition AR15/M16 rifles. These handguards give you the function and style you need for scenario gaming, and are completely compatible with your favorite barrel—no need to alter your barrel at all to install Real Action handguards!

Photos of handguard: http://www.rap4.com/images/barrel/all4barrels650.jpg

Before you choose which handguard package to order, you need to find out what style barrel is on your paintball gun. There are 3 types of barrel designs currently used:

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1. Beveled barrels are bigger at the base and get smaller in the middle, then big again at the muzzle brake. These barrels can only be used with the Phantom Handguard.
2. Straight barrels have the same exterior diameter from the base to the muzzle. These barrels can take all types of handguards.
3. Tactical barrels have a bigger base, a smaller center and a removable muzzle brake. This barrel is the most versatile style, is able to take all types of handguards.

The Phantom handguard is used with the beveled barrel because it has set screws that mount on any barrels. The Phantom handguard is optimized for beveled barrels. The beveled barrel can also be affixed with a removable front sight!

Straight barrels work well with both the M4 style handguards and Phantom handguards. They will be able to take an M4 front sight, or an integrated front sight!

Tactical barrels can be accessorized with both M4 style handguards and Phantom handguards. They will be able to take an M4 front sight or an integrated front sight!

More information visit : http://rap4.com/paintball/os/paintball-p-1934.html

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