Social Networking Site YouAreDiscovered Seeks First Round Funding

October 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Scott Alliy a long time Internet entrepreneur is offering what he believes to be the Internet investment opportunity of the decade just in time to capitalize on the red hot social networking market.

Scott is seeking first round funding for his latest Internet business venture a talent display and search engine supported by user content that features multiple revenue streams and that has the potential to attract millions of visitors daily. The site has the allure of another of the companys websites but with additional revenue streams.

There are multiple benefits in our funding offer that are sure to be attractive to private investors and investor groups seeking to capitalize on the hot social networking market says Scott.

First of all we understand that this project is much bigger than our current staff can handle so we are wide open to investment groups with on staff management teams and legal and technical expertise. Second we are open to working with investors with short and long term exit strategies for the venture.

The key to success in this venture says Scott is to move on this exciting opportunity while the market is ripe for such a service.

He encourages interested investors to contact his office and says that his company will consider all investment offers until thye choose one or more that match the company goals for investor partners.

About Us: Scott Alliy is the President of Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston Texas Internet business consulting firm. He is the creator of the worlds largest training search engine and creator of a diverse portfolio of other Internet businesses including and over 400 other domain names and websites.

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