A Caribbean Advertising Breakthrough with a Global Community Concept

October 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
TUCH has identified the various layers and utilized Caribbean Pixel Advertising, a revolutionary new and successful approach to advertising, in targeting what is seen as the broader Caribbean World.

Caribbean People living on the Islands, transplanted Caribbean Nations the world over and their lineage, as well as other family members and friends, make up the obvious upper layers of the Global Caribbean Community. However, there are many, whom The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) refers to as "Associate Caribbean", who occupy other layers of this Caribbean World Community. A large segment of this Associate Caribbean group consists of daily converts.

The infectious Caribbean Music, Caribbean People, Caribbean Food, Caribbean Culture and general appeal of the Caribbean Region are all responsible for the conversion to a Caribbean State of Mind. Whether you are Caribbean, would love to Be Caribbean and/or occasionally live the Caribbean Lifestyle, or simply Reach Caribbean Product and Service providers, The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) is your Caribbean Pathway. If you are doing any kind of Caribbean Advertising, The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) is the ideal vehicle to reach the Global Caribbean Community. TUCH is designed to facilitate a Global Caribbean Marketplace where providers of Caribbean Products, Services and Information, as well as providers of all products with a Caribbean Connection, can meet and do business.

The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH) has employed Pixel Advertising to accomplish its Global Community approach to Caribbean Advertising. Caribbean Pixel Advertising both represents and facilitates a Caribbean Advertising Breakthrough, by providing space for placement of 10,000 clickable logos of advertisers on a single page. In Addition, TUCH Pixel Advertising can be expanded to several pages, each featuring ten thousand advertisers of Products, Services and Information, all with a Caribbean Connection and all on the same Website.

On The Ultimate Caribbean Homepage (TUCH), you can place an Advertisement to address any Caribbean Search, such as Caribbean Travel, Caribbean People, Caribbean Information, the Caribbean Community and Caribbean Life, Caribbean Business, Caribbean Art, Caribbean Images, Caribbean Stores and Caribbean Prices, Caribbean Products, Caribbean Goods, Caribbean Services, Caribbean Value, Caribbean Love, Caribbean Culture, Caribbean Entertainment, Caribbean Music, Caribbean Internet Radio, Caribbean News, Caribbean Dance, Caribbean Clothing and Caribbean Fashion, Caribbean Food and Caribbean Restaurants, Caribbean Islands, Caribbean Real Estate, Caribbean Property, Caribbean Investment, a Caribbean Sale, Caribbean Prices and the Caribbean Region, the Caribbean Jobs, Caribbean Work, the Caribbean World, the Caribbean Magic, the Caribbean Sea, the Caribbean Ocean, the Caribbean Water, the Caribbean Weather or Caribbean Climate, a Caribbean Resort, a Caribbean Hotel, a Caribbean Villa or a Caribbean Inn, a Caribbean Beach and the Caribbean Sun, a Caribbean Paradise, a Caribbean Tour, a Caribbean Cruise, Caribbean flights, Caribbean Tickets, a Caribbean Deal, a Caribbean Offer, Caribbean Rates, any Caribbean Vacation or any other product or Caribbean Site with a Caribbean Connection or Caribbean Content.