Personalised Car Number Plates for Business Fleets

October 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Set your company fleet miles ahead of the competition with a collection of personalised number plates. Personalised car registrations are a great way of making your vehicles stand out on the road and provide your company with a unique form of advertising. A personal number plate on a manger or sales rep car shows that they mean business, and investing in car registrations displays commitment to your business and instils confidence amongst staff.

The UK personalised number plates specialists are offering an online search to over 30 million car number plates as well as free valuations and finder service. Search online now to find the perfect number plates for your fleet, and start reaping the rewards today.

There are thousands or great car number plates you could buy for your business. Popular searches are for company names or initials. “Boss” number plates are also popular and many can be found in our “Current Style” search boxes. Try searching BO55 and then yours or your company’s initials and see what you can find. One of the ultimate business number plates sold recently at a DVLA auction….the owner of the registration 1 CEO will have no trouble showing who the boss is in that company! Personal number plates can even be assigned to lease vehicles so there is no excuse not to put your company ahead of the game today!

If you need inspiration or help in choosing your car registration numbers, why not call us on 08458 387 587. A member of the team will be happy to help you find what you are looking for. We offer a personal service and our staff do not work on commission basis so there is no aggressive sales talk. Alternatively, fill in a “Business Plates” enquiry online now and a member of the team will run a thorough search of the market and return a portfolio of suitable matches to you. You can specify your requirements including the type of registration number you are looking for, how many you require, budget, and any other comments you may have.

As a business person you will no doubt be always on the look out for a great investment and it is hard to find a better investment than personalised number plates for your business. Car registrations grow older and scarcer over time causing their value to the rise dramatically. Owning an entire series of numbers, A1 to A20 ABC for example, will also add value to your collection. Investing in car registrations is seen by many as better than having money in the bank, with investors seeing exceptional returns on their investments. For example, the registration 1 RO sold at a DVLA Auction in September 2005 for £6000. This registration is now on the market for £125,000 – a staggering 2000% return on the original investment! If purchased through the business, number plates can also be tax deductible giving more reason to find yours today!

Cape Plates offer generous discounts for bulk orders and will NOT be beaten on price. We will also keep you updated with new registrations that come on the market so your collection of car registrations grows with your business. Have a look today and take your business to the next level with a prestigious collection of personal number plates from Cape Plates.