National Homebuyers Gives Home Sellers A Way Out

October 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
This current halt in homebuyers is going to slow down the already monotonous process of selling a house on the open market.

Julian King, director of National Homebuyers says; “ With interest rates on the up and up, and with a lack of first time buyers, houses which are for sale on the open market are staying there for longer than ever before. Along with the increasing number of a chains breaking, houses just aren’t getting sold. National Homebuyers can offer a solution to this growing problem by guaranteeing to buy every property surveyed, regardless of the condition or location, with completion at a timescale to suit, in some cases immediately.”

The Halifax Key Housing Review shows that housing affordability for five groups of public sector workers: nurses, teachers, police officers, fire fighters and ambulance staff is almost impossible in at least 65% of towns across Great Britain. Five years ago, the average house in 24% of towns was unaffordable for all key worker groups surveyed.

The number of affordable houses being built for those requiring subsidised housing has failed to keep pace with demand and is currently lower than it was a decade ago. Court orders for repossession has doubled since 2003 while the number of homeless people being placed in temporary rather than permanent accommodation has more than doubled since 1997. National Homebuyers is used to dealing with people who are faced with difficult situations such as repossession, they can offer them the choice of renting back their home after the sale has been completed to alleviate the stress of moving and packing up belongings or just a hassle free sale.

David Harber, National Homebuyers Communications Director says; “In the past six months National Homebuyers has seen a massive 63% increase in the number of customers facing repossession, comparing this to last year’s figures and taking into account we have another interest rate rise which will probably be in a matter of weeks, it is clear to us that the country is about to be thrown into financial turmoil.”

Howard Archer, chief economist at Global Insight said that in the long-term house price inflation would carry on unabated.

“House prices could well see further marked increases in the very near term, given the current level of mortgage activity. Survey evidence showing strong buyer interest, strong demand from the buy-to-let sector and a shortage of properties in some areas, Mr Archer said.

“House price inflation was strong in most parts of the UK; 10 out of 12 regions measured have seen increases during the third quarter of 2006. Northern Ireland, the south west and the south of England saw the strongest price growth during the three months to September.”

But Halifax said there were modest falls in Yorkshire and the East Midlands “Reflecting the increasing affordability difficulties for buyers as a result of the very rapid rise in house prices in these parts of the country over the past few years.”

With so many buyers unable to afford a mortgage in the current housing climate, those who wish to, or need to move quickly may find themselves watching their home sit on the shelf for months on end.

National Homebuyers are being contacted by a large volume of homeowners who are fed up with the length of time it is taking takes to sell their house on the open market and who are wanting to move before Christmas. If you are fed up of waiting for a buyer to come along then contact National Homebuyers and get a cash offer for your home today.