Values Australia Launches New Online Resource for Overseas Visitors and New Australians.

October 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Values Australia today launched a new website to assist would-be visitors to Australia and hopeful new citizens understand and embrace Australian values.

"For instance," says Secretary of the Ministry of Mateship and Fair Dinkum Values, Miwang Izzard, "not everyone knows that Australia is a fiercely democratic nation and visitors need to know and respect this, just as we specifically respect the democracies of Burma, Saudi Arabia, China and Khazakstan, or that. the Australian Justice system is based on the presumption of innocence (unless your name is David Hicks).

The website even includes a dictionary of Australian slang so that visitors to Australia are not confused by phrases such as "Croc Sandwich*", "Pinch a loaf", "Wanker" or "To be up oneself", and can participate in everyday Aussie conversations like a true mate. "This is very important to us," admits Izzard. "Australia is a very inclusive country, especially if you speak English."

Also included in the website is a viza test to ensure visitors embrace and respect Australian values and an application to become a Fair Dinkum Aussie. In fact, the "Citizenship Certificate" can be downloaded right from the website.

The website is very comprehensive," says Izzard. "It covers Australian values, Australian culture, Australian politics, Australian religion, Australian history, Australian lifestyle, protecting Australian borders, Australian language, Australian media and Australian news.

"We know our visitors who use this site will fit in right away and begin to enjoy the advantages of our wonderful world-class lifestyle, or what we call a "Barbie".

*”Croc Sandwich” – tourist in northern Australia

The website can be accessed at