October 16, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
New York City, NY October 16, 2006
CREATIVE CANARIES, the international network of artists with Chemical Sensitivities, is actively seeking new members from all countries to join their group in preparation for two exhibition proposals in Dallas and Chicago.

CREATIVE CANARIES was started in 2000 by Moon McNeill, a German painter and writer who developed Chemical Sensitivity at age 49. The network is currently comprised of 50 artists from all fields and from three continents. Their online discussion forum has sparked friendships among its members and is where members help inspire each other to continue to create art despite daily health obstacles.

The group will propose a show on the problem of environmental illness. On behalf of the group, Julie Laffin—internationally known performance artist—will be presenting a proposal to exhibition venues in Chicago starting in December 2006:

"Because I find myself part of a vital group of artists who have become marginalized because of physical illness I now understand my mission is to raise awareness around chemical injury. We are all potentially affected by the effects of toxic chemicals that pervade our environment. No one among us is exempt. I believe it's not too late to instigate changes that can have lasting benefits for all living things".

Proposed exhibits will display works reflecting the experience of living with Chemical Sensitivity (CS), a potentially serious condition affecting multiple organ systems. Artists with CS react to very minute amounts of common chemicals in everyday products - including art materials, which can be toxic or sensitizing. Reactions can range from minor headaches to life-threatening seizures and anaphylaxis. In some cases, members became sick because of the use of these materials. Most live fairly isolated lives due to their illness and join together via the Internet to share information on materials, offer moral support, and organize shows like these. Artists have had to become very creative in how they create their art, some even donning full gas masks to continue working in their medium.

Deadline for work to be included is December 1, 2006. Work can be political or personal, but should offer a vision into life with Chemical Sensitivity in some way. For more information contact Moon McNeill at

The network is also preparing an exhibition in Dallas in 2007, sponsored by the renowned Dr. William Rea, director of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas and in conjunction with his American Environmental Health Foundation symposium. The organization of this exhibition will be in the hands of award-winning artist Alexandra Henry, who is also vice-president of the network.

For those in Dallas willing to help us in May 2007, and anyone interested in becoming an active member please contact Moon McNeill, network President, at or CREATIVE CANARIES, Postbox 5063, 24062 Kiel, Germany. Please visit the CREATIVE CANARIES website at to meet the artists, see their work, and to find resources on non-toxic art materials.