In Blog Ads Launches New Blog Advertising Network

October 16, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
South Africa, October 16, 2006 – InBlogAds is proud to announce the launch of their new service that connects bloggers and advertisers. The site allows advertiser’s to buy links in various blogs and then pays blog owners for advertising the company’s product or service

The web site features multiple blogs in various categories and each blog has a specific rate at which advertisers pay to place their advertisements. The link remains live for 1 month and then the advertiser must either pay the monthly fee, or cancel the link subscription. InBlogAds allows advertisers to buy links within the blog posts themselves, or in the sidebar of the blog, as per the blog owner’s specifications.

InBlogAds has also created a marketplace where advertisers can pay bloggers a fixed amount to blog on their product or service. Advertiser’s can set a maximum limit that they want to spend on posts and then InBlogAds members will create a post on their blogs about the advertiser’s product or service. InBlogAds guarantees that the post will remain live for at least 30 days. Blog advertising is a great way to generate buzz and InBlogAds makes it easy to reach your target market.

“Blogs are growing rapidly and advertisers are looking for new unique ways to expand their online advertising presence,” said web site owner Loftie Ellis. “Blogs provide advertiser’s the venue they need to help create interest and buzz about their company online, and we help to connect bloggers and advertisers.”

You can visit the web site and browse the listings at