OpenLogic Launches Indemnification for its Certified Library of Open Source Products

October 17, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
BROOMFIELD, Colo. October 17, 2006 –OpenLogic, Inc., a leading provider of software, stacks, and support that enable enterprises to easily deploy and manage customized open source environments, today announced that it will now offer customers indemnification coverage for intellectual property infringement on each of the more than 160 open source products included in OpenLogic’s Certified Library. Customers using OpenLogic Enterprise will now gain access to indemnification for the broadest set of open source products in the industry.

“Although the benefits of using open source software are many, there can sometimes be lingering legal concerns about around using open source software in the enterprise,” said Andrew Aitken, managing partner of Olliance Group. “OpenLogic’s indemnification for such a broad set of open source products goes a long way in giving enterprises peace of mind.”

OpenLogic’s indemnification offering is available to all customers who have purchased support from OpenLogic. OpenLogic will provide indemnification for intellectual property infringements, including defense of claims, repair and replacement of infringing software, and up to four times the value of the contract for damage awards.

“Open source software has made great headway into the enterprise,” said Steven Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic. “But for enterprises to fully embrace a broad range of open source products, they need to be able to deploy, manage and control their open source usage and limit their legal risk. This is the first time that enterprises have been able to access indemnification coverage for such a broad range of open source products from a single vendor.”

Enterprise Control of Open Source Software
In June, 2006, OpenLogic launched OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0, a platform for managing open source software within the enterprise. OpenLogic Enterprise 4.0 provides enterprises a central repository of approved, certified open source products; allows enterprises to filter approved projects; enables technical staff to automatically install, configure and integrate this software on remote servers and desktops (using existing software deployment tools if they choose) and provides an audit trail of open source software deployment.

Consolidated Enterprise-Grade Support for Open Source Software
In May, 2006, OpenLogic announced consolidated enterprise support for all of its certified open source products. The open source development community backs OpenLogic’s Enterprise Support through OpenLogic’s “Expert Community” program.

Flexible Stacks, Not Fixed
In addition to OpenLogic’s extensive open source library that is a starting point for enterprise developers to customize their own stacks, OpenLogic also enables enterprise developers to plug-in additional open source, commercial or even proprietary applications and include those in their stacks. OpenLogic Enterprise ensures that all of the components work together and deploy seamlessly.

OpenLogic’s indemnification is subject to the terms and coverage of the OpenLogic Subscription Agreement.

About OpenLogic
OpenLogic is a leading provider of software, stacks and support that enable enterprises to easily customize, deploy and manage commercial-grade open source environments. OpenLogic’s software automates the integration and deployment of any combination of more than 160 pre-certified open source packages along with proprietary or commercial solutions. The OpenLogic solution also mitigates open source legal risks by enabling companies to manage and enforce open source policies. OpenLogic’s technical support and update services give enterprises the commercial-grade reliability they demand. OpenLogic is currently used by 700 customers worldwide. For more on OpenLogic, go to

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