Who is Edmond McGuyer?

October 18, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Tucson, Az…You have to ask why when the internet is the place where you shop from home a page that is called ShopFromHomepage.com is such a radically new idea.

To find that out you really need to check out my article on meeting its founder, Edmond McGuyer, a visionary by any account, but better still you should visit the site itself at: www.ShopFromHomepage.com.

So why it is visionary? That’s like asking why steam power changed the way we navigate the high seas. Before Edmond came along, navigation on the net depended on the vagaries of the search engine winds and the ability of individual site owners to accurately promote their sites.

If you were looking, for instance, for a pizza joint in downtown Houston and wanted to find one you’d have to type in some term which accurately reflected what you wanted, let’s say: Pizza and Houston and hope that whoever did the search engine optimization of the site of the pizza parlour in question included those terms somewhere. Even worse, you’d have to hope that the restaurant you wanted had the foresight to have a website.

Then, because Houston has several dozen pizza outlets, you’d have to manually open each link, go down to the Contact Us page, look up the address and the area, and match it with wherever you wanted to go …. You get the drift!

Then Edmond McGuyer came along and the ShopFromHomepage.com idea was born. ShopFromHomepage.com gives you the area of the city you live in (and at the moment there are only three) in one large at-a-glance map.

You look, you find, you click. It really is that simple. In terms of the time it takes to find something so relevant and specific online Edmond McGuyer’s idea has done what steam power did for the crossing of the Atlantic: it took the guess work and chance elements out of it. ShopFromHomepage.com has made internet navigation for life’s little essentials shorter and more convenient.

So now ShopFromHomepage.com should become the Home Page of practically everyone living in LA, Tucson or Houston (the three cities it’s active for at the moment) and then everyone living in practically every US metropolitan area.

Great for business (they can get on the map cost-effectively, even if they have no website at the moment) and great for consumers (no more hours and hours spent on search engines) ShopFromHomepage.com is the next generation of online navigation.

If your city is not yet on the map, drop Edmond a line at MyCity@ShopFromHomepage.com and he’ll get things moving that way. Better still, spread the word, tell everyone you know about www.ShopFromHomepage.com and help get your city on the map!

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