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October 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Wilmington, North Carolina — Fundraising events for youth groups, charitable organizations, and non-profits have entered the 21st century with contests offering a grand prize of a trip into space.

The innovative prize is sure to bring additional funds to charities as they struggle to find new and more lucrative ways to raise the money needed for worthy causes.

"There's a lot of competition for available donor funds, so non-profit groups are excited to have an opportunity to offer something new and exciting," said Tony Webb of "The chance to win a ride into space is now very real. Commercial flights into space and space tourism will soon be a reality."

Charities can select from any one of 15 different contests they can run to raise money for their organization. The skill challenge contests listed at include such things as golf, tennis, baseball, Frisbee, football, soccer, hockey, basketball, and other non-sports challenges.

"We have some easy to run contests that any group can conduct. Contestants purchase a ticket to participate in the contest. There are various playoff rounds until only one person is left. The winner is entered into a drawing for the grand prize, a trip into space valued at $2 million," said Webb.

The winner can select from either a sub-orbital trip that spends about 10 to 15 minutes in space, or an orbital trip that actually involves numerous orbits around the earth before coming back down.

"We guarantee that organizations will make a profit from their events. We do this to help groups have confidence in our commitment to helping them raise money. There is no risk," he explained.

Private sector entrepreneurs are hard at work building space planes and rockets. They expect to offer a full plate of futuristic activities to the world's wealthiest tourists in the newest type of extreme adventure travel — space tourism. The first commercial flights into space are expected to begin in 2008, and at least one of those travelers will be a winner from a contest sponsored by

The high-priced commercial space tourism tickets are presently available only for those who can afford them. Webb said he wants to make access to space travel uncomplicated, and free for the winners of the eSpaceTickets contests.

Established in 2000, offers an opportunity for members of the general public to fly into space on a commercial space flight. The company is owned by Tony Webb and maintains a web site at

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