Despatch Industries Breaks New Ground with Latest Development in Paint Industry

October 25, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. – Despatch Industries has announced the company’s latest innovation for the paint industry, the Paint Sample Baking Tool. This custom oven was designed in cooperation with a major automobile producer and an international paint supplier.

The automotive industry has developed the need to test the performance of paint curing utilizing more variables than a standard paint sample baking oven can analyze. The Paint Sample Baking Tool is Despatch’s custom response to this growing need. This new oven goes beyond the scope of previously manufactured paint testing ovens by utilizing a “chamber in chamber” design. The oven was created as a small lab tool that can accurately replicate the paint curing process in a full-size production facility. The outer chamber of the oven simulates the temperature of a full production line and the inner testing chamber represents the characteristics of the production oven where the actual paint curing takes place.

The oven boasts state-of-the-art software that allows the customer the capability to adjust the parameters of the oven in order to simulate the characteristics of any type of production oven (radiant, direct gas heated or electric convection) and to replicate the environmental conditions surrounding a specific production facility, given its geographic location and heating method.

The Paint Sample Baking Tool can be manipulated to imitate either gas or electric heat, and if the oven being replicated by the paint sample tool utilizes gas heat, the testing oven contains monitoring ports to allow the user to observe NOx and SOx concentration levels. Furthermore, if required, NOx and SOx may be injected to achieve higher concentration levels. Flammable vapor concentration levels are also continuously monitored to allow the user to operate at a predefined solvent concentration in the circulated air. In addition to these key features, the paint sample tool also offers variable air flow velocity across paint chip test samples to simulate areas of high and low velocity, adjustable incoming dew point air to simulate the varying relative humidity around the world and a special method of maintaining chamber pressure balance that aids in sustaining airflow exchange rates.

Oven parameters are controlled through the proprietary software. Changes and adjustments can be made simply with the easy-to-read, menu-driven format. The computer system records the data from testing for analysis.
When the customer’s need for creating an advanced paint simulation oven developed, Despatch Industries was the number one choice of the customer due to Despatch’s history of supplying the customer with proven, reliable paint testing ovens and the company’s 100 year history of providing premiere sample bake ovens. Despatch was able to address the customer’s unique processing challenge and create a custom solution.

Despatch Industries is a leading worldwide provider of thermal processing and environmental simulation solutions. Founded in 1902, closely held Despatch Industries is a technology-driven company committed to satisfying customer needs through innovative research and development. Through its two primary product lines, Despatch and Ransco, the company serves customers is a number of industries including semiconductors, electronic components, photovoltaic’s, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive and industrial materials.

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