Si-Gate GmbH Develops Remote Vehicle Monitoring System

November 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Si-Gate GmbH Develops Remote Vehicle Monitoring System

Weiterstadt, Germany - Si-Gate GmbH today announced it has expanded its product feature set for a wireless fleet management data logger (Si-Gate FMS-500) suitable for gathering important vehicle information in real time. With latest technology features like integrated 802.11g WLAN, “remote wake-up” over internal quad-band GPRS modem, J1939/J1539 CAN and OBD-II bus interfaces , along with 32Megabytes of internal storage, the FMS-500 provides a host of flexibility for your demanding fleet tracking needs.

Si-Gate GmbH develops and sales custom electronic control units for the automotive and OEM markets. Si-Gate also integrates re-usable IP for FPGA markets, with a core focus on the application of State-of-the-Art Technology into new automotive systems.

“By combining features like “wake-up-on-ring” mode via a GPRS modem, our users can wake-up an FMS-500 over conventional GSM network while customer vehicle is not-in-use, then the Si-Gate FMS-500 can automatically connect to pre-defined Internet based-IP address to download timely vehicle journey data during convenient usage time and afterwards return to sleep mode, thus added value to our customers. We believe the Si-Gate FMS-500 offers quiet an attractive low cost solution for both fleet tracking and R&D customers. Along with options for integrated GPS, multi-axis accelerometer, switch detector, and configurable high/low side outputs we believe the FMS-500 offers enough features to tackle even the most challenging development needs” said Robert Newberry, Managing Director of Si-Gate GmbH.

The Si-Gate FMS-500 is a complete wireless data logging system designed to capture important vehicle information combined with critical sensor data which can be easily retrieved after vehicle operation via direct serial connection, or via wireless WLAN 802.11g and/or Quad-Band GPRS modem. All three communication modes are also available simultaneously. Based on a pre-defined internal FMS-500 configuration, the user is only one web-click away from instant data logging. The FMS-500 is ideally suited for applications like fleet vehicle management or vehicle networking where flexibility and ease of use are needed to capture your most important information.

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