I’m Baaaack… College Grads Continue To Return Home Unable To Find Entry-Level Jobs

November 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Despite a resurging national economy, recent college graduates continue to struggle to get on their own upon graduation. An independent survey conducted by the Los Angeles Times of more than 6,000 students from the class of 2006, found 48 percent of seniors planned to move back in with their parents after commencement. Overwhelmed by student loans, credit card debt, and high urban costs, most students find themselves torn between sharing rent on a substandard apartment or moving back in with the ‘rents.

When university graduates were surveyed by KickassCareers.com and asked what advice they would pass on to the next class of seniors, the focus group unanimously agreed that they would encourage seniors to spend more time searching for a satisfying career while still in school. Jaison T. Smith, founder and CEO of KickassCareers.com, remembers all too well the frustration he experienced his senior year of school. “Most career experts recommend treating the job search like a full time career for up to 10 weeks,” he explains. “Many students already work part-time jobs while taking a full course load. Adding the equivalent of a full time job to the student lifestyle can be a daunting task, which is why we see most students simply placing their career search on hold.”

As a result, many students plan to search for a career after graduation, but find themselves waiting up to a year before the next season of entry level recruitment rolls around to land an interview. Others simply jump at the first opportunity they receive. “Some students are lucky enough to turn their internship or first offer into a career, but I found many dissatisfied in their new careers because they never researched their options,” Smith adds.

And thus a simple idea was born – connecting employers with busy students by simplifying the process as much as possible. Smith, over two years out of school and employed as a Project Manager for a Fortune 100 company, established the Kickass Careers Alumni Network by recruiting college graduates through online networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook. “I was surprised with the number of recent grads throughout the country with jobs who have asked to be a part of this project,” said Smith. “We found that students had struggled in their online job search. Many websites claimed to be focused on entry level careers but only had posts available for part-time help or positions requiring 3+ years experience.” Smith and his Kickass Team of young professionals have already matched great jobs for their classmates and are now open to the world as they unveil their website http://www.kickasscareers.com

About Kickass Careers
Kickass Careers is a team of employed college grads who have already begun to kickass in the real world and are ready to chase down entry level positions for students across the country. The Kickass Career system was developed by students for students. Our free service gets university students and recent grads a foot in the door with a quick and simple signup offering superior resume distribution. Our contacts, alumni network, and featured employers work together creating more job offers for students and more qualified employees for quality employers. Sign up at http://www.kickasscareers.com for free today at KickassCareers.com and spend your extra time trying something new in college… like studying.