Lost Diver Alerting Unit Gives Scuba Enthusiasts Added Peace of Mind

November 08, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Sebastian, FL — It's every diver's nightmare — surfacing from a dive, only to learn that their boat has left or cannot be located. Although rare, these events can and do occur. As a result, a leading manufacturer of Maritime Survivor Location Devices (MSLD) is offering an innovative monitoring and recovery system for the dive industry.

The Sea Marshall® Lost Diver 'SOS' Alerting Unit, manufactured by Marine Rescue Technologies, Ltd., is a compact, oil-filled emergency device which can be conveniently integrated into diving gear or a buoyancy compensator (BC). When manually activated, it communicates with a fixed base unit on a dive boat, allowing for swift recovery. It also transmits an emergency homing signal on the International Search and Rescue (SAR) frequency for added protection.

"We feel our Sea Marshall LD unit is a product every diver shouldn't be without," said David Marshall, founder and chairman of UK-based Marine Rescue Technologies, Ltd.

"The system is immediate and locally managed, which dramatically reduces the time a lost or distressed diver spends in the water," he added.

Depth rated at 300 feet, the Sea Marshall SMRS8-LD contains an electro-luminescent light cord and antenna, capable of transmitting a signal up to 3 nautical miles to a base unit. Additionally, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft can detect a signal up to 15 and 35 nautical miles, respectively. A diver must surface before the signal can be transmitted.

With millions of dives taking place worldwide each year, the product is an attractive addition to a safety-conscious industry. The alerts can be purchased as a two-component system, accompanied with a base receiver or as a stand-alone unit. An optional diver's pouch can also be included for safe storage.

In the United States, Florida-based Marine Rescue Technologies, Inc. has seen steady interest from members of the diving community. The company, which serves all of the Americas, establishes reseller partnerships and provides Sea Marshall products to end-users.

"There's a lot of potential for us in the dive market," stated Michael Ritchie, vice president of Marine Rescue Technologies, Inc.

"The product makes sense for a lot of people. Many see it as a necessity and not optional," he added.

In addition to the dive industry, Sea Marshall systems are specifically designed for other vertical markets, including commercial marine, yachting, oil & gas, sailboarding and light aviation.

For more information on Sea Marshall products, including the Lost Diver 'SOS' Alerting Unit and corresponding base receiver, visit http://www.seamarshall-us.com

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