Torry Harris Steps Up In-house R&D To Cater To Next Generation SOA Needs

November 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Bangalore, 11 November 2006: Torry Harris Business Solutions, a leading provider of IT services with core focus on middleware technologies, today announced formation of an exclusive in-house R&D cell for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Implementation Solutions. The R&D cell, headquartered in Bangalore, will cater to the next generation SOA needs of global clients.

Mr. Ashwin Krishna, Chief Operating Officer, Torry Harris Business Solutions, said, “Torry Harris Business Solutions thus joins a group of a very few global players, who are investing in understanding the needs of the SOA space”.

The new specialized cell will be headed by the CTO of the company and will consist of experts in the areas of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and OSS (Open Source Software). The cell would consist of 20% of the total workforce and is aimed at enabling Torry Harris to offer cost-effective alternatives/solutions to their clients by combining the strengths of SOA and Open Source.

Commenting on the development, Ms. Shuba Sridhar, Regional Technical Manager (Europe), of THBS said, “Globally SOA is redefining the way organizations view their IT architecture. Torry Harris is committed to SOA and prides itself in being an implementation expert.” Being vendor neutral and an early player in the SOA space, THBS is now set for a new level of growth trajectory in the Industry.

Mr. Krishna added, “THBS’ long-standing and extensive industry expertise in implementing middleware services for enterprises across the world gives THBS an edge over other SOA global players. What makes THBS unique is that from inception, we have specialized in an area that has naturally evolved into SOA today”.

The R&D team conducts very focused training programs and hands-on workshops to disseminate information on SOA to THBS personnel across the company, thereby building a large resource pool that could be instantly deployed on SOA projects. In an advisory capacity, Torry Harris also offers to research tools available in the market and recommend the best option to plot the course of the client’s SOA drive. The highly skilled THBS personnel working on SOA projects hold expertise in the areas of XML & related technologies, Web Services (its characteristics and linkages with SOAP & WSDL), ESB technology, Business Process Management and Business Activity Monitoring.

THBS has already implemented major international projects using the SOA approach for government agencies in the Middle East and credit insurance major in Netherlands. ‘Implementation Services’ offered by Torry Harris include component design, development, testing and governance.

About SOA and OSS:
SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) provides patterns for design, development, deployment and management of a loosely coupled business application infrastructure. In this framework, business functionality is published, discovered, and consumed as part of a business ecosystem of network-aware and reusable technical and business services.

OSS (Open Source Software) is software for which the underlying programming code is available to the users so that they may read it, make changes to it, and build new versions of the software incorporating their changes.

About Torry Harris Business Solutions:
Founded in 1998, THBS is headquartered in New Jersey with offshore development centers in Bangalore (India) and Shenzhen (China) and sales and operations offices in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions. THBS provides IT services aimed at creating and maintaining mission critical IT systems to industries like Telecommunications, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), e-governance and Healthcare, to name a few. Torry Harris currently employs about 1000 people worldwide. For more information, please log onto to