Reduce phone companies profits and Play more Golf !

March 22, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
What can be more frustrating ? You and your Golf partner turn up at the local golf course only to find there is a 2 hour wait for a tee-times or you arrange with your three 4-ball colleagues to play at 10am on a Thursday only to find, when you call up to make a reservation, that they only have tee-times at 8am or midday available. What do you do ? take a chance that your three colleagues are free at 8am ? hang up and call each of them to check, then call back and hope the 8pm slot has not gone ? or find one can only make 11am and then call all the others back to check they are ok with this new tee time ?
This dilemma is faced by golfers up and down the country, day after day. So why don’t golf clubs have online reservation systems that their golfers could use? By offering online bookings members could see, on the internet, the available time slots before they book. The golf pro/golf shop would not have to constantly take calls to book tee and everybody saves money (on wasted phone calls), saves time and enjoys the type of professional service that seems to only be expected from travel companies.
To offer a booking and reservation system to members, non-members and people wanting to book the clubhouse for a tournament or party across the internet has many advantages, it frees up staff, you never miss a call from someone wanting to play golf, clubs can take bookings when they are closed, 24 hours a day and it is great for organising tournament play. However, online reservations systems are usually expensive, need specialised IT staff, need investments in computer equipment and take too long to implement when all people want to do is focus on what they know and have that unique experience in - Golf !.
ibooka Limited ( have changed this paradigm and are supplying hosted online (internet) booking and reservation systems on a “pennies-per-booking” basis to companies, clubs, associations and organisations around the world. Golf Courses around the world are using ibooka to provide a much improved service to their golfers and help boost revenue at the clubs
More tournaments can be arranged with ibooka, more tee-times booked, more potential members converted to members and you can even take payments across the internet. It is incredibly easy to use, you don’t buy any new computer equipment, no new software, you don’t even need to “backup” the system, in fact all you do is enjoy the benefits that ibooka brings to the golf club. You only pay for actual bookings and even then only pennies for each one.
For more information about ibooka, the golf courses using ibooka, the ibooka ‘good causes’ program or how ibooka can provide a solution at your local golf club please contact ibooka at
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