APLUSB SOFTWARE CORPORATION, Special Needs Application Developer, Releases “US & Canada Driving Test”, Windows Educational Tool for Student Driver.

March 22, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Friendly interfaces, uncomplicated language, and a lot of graphics make the “US & CANADA DRIVING TEST” attractive for the entire family. Children 10 and up can play it like a game simultaneously learning road rules and signs; it improves their safety while cycling on crowded city streets.
The “US & CANADA DRIVING TEST” is offered in English, French, Spanish (our European version contains 6 foreign languages), all on one CD-ROM. Hence, it can be used as a non conventional method to learn/practice foreign language.
Another purpose of this software could be to evaluate routine drivers and the same time reducing road accidents. Program contains many other features which are helpful in business, study, and pleasure.
There is no software installation required and CD-ROM can be used on any computer with a Windows platform; application does not expire, can be updated from our website (we continuously work updating all necessary information), and is protected against copying.
The “US & CANADA DRIVING TEST” was pointed out in various Medias as a modern and necessary survival tool. Some License Offices, Driving Schools, Libraries, and Colleges (community & private) in US and Canada already approved it and distribute it to the public. Software is listed in www.amazon.com catalogue and is purchased by European publisher ‘Grupa Image’. In Canada software is distributed by ‘Jack of All Games’ Toronto, ON and in the US distributor is ‘Victory Multimedia’ Inglewood, CA.
Market research showed that there is a huge demand for products we developed. According to statistics, every year in North America more than 4 million people obtain their first driver’s license and the computer is the most preferable/effective method of study. There is not a similar product available on the market today and from the pricing point of view it is accessible to people from all walks of life.
Shortly our modified driving application will be available for people with learning disability (dyslexia). The “US & CANADA DRIVING TEST” will be used in situations where conventional learning methods failed. It will be the only tool available on the market, which will assist 20% of our population affected by learning disability to get a driver’s license.
Another software released recently by AplusB Software Corporation, the “COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE MANUAL” with all endorsements included, is an application dedicated to commercial drivers. It is every thing people need to become a truck and bus driver.
Presently we are increasing language option up to 10 foreign languages and our future project will adapt “Commercial Driver’s License Manual” for people with some learning disability, giving them opportunity working as a commercial drivers.
AplusB Software Corporation, Initiated in 2002 and incorporated in 2003 as an “AplusB Software Corporation”. Offering high-quality and low-cost educational software company increases road safety, decreases unemployment rate in rural areas, and helps people with learning disabilities.

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