VacationHouse Destinations Launches First Affordable Destination Club

November 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
VacationHouse Destinations, the first truly affordable destination club, today announced the launch of its much anticipated portfolio offering to the public. The Company gives its members the luxury of a vacation house experience without the costs of second home ownership. Breaking out of the mold of luxury destination clubs, VacationHouse Destinations is geared towards everyone that wants to have access to great vacation homes without second mortgages and upkeep worries at an affordable price.

Destination clubs are based on a model similar to country clubs. For a one-time refundable membership deposit and annual dues, members gain access to a portfolio of vacation properties in desirable locations. Club members can use the residences when it’s convenient for their schedules and are not restricted to one specific property or particular weeks like timeshares and fractional ownership clubs. Destination club members pay annual dues for a certain number of days that can be used each year based on their travel lifestyle. Club members have access to VacationHouse Destinations’ exclusive PassBook™ reservation system that allows members to make online reservations in real-time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“We were looking for an easy way to vacation without having to spend hours researching properties and worrying about what we would find when we got there,” said Maria Cser, a Platinum club member. “We decided to join VacationHouse Destinations because they provided us with the solution that allows us to quickly make a reservation and get away for a trip when it’s convenient for us. They’ve taken the guesswork and stress out of finding the perfect place to go. We never worry that a property we stay at will be anything less then wonderful.”

VacationHouse Destinations has established relationships with property owners in desirable locations that allow the club to easily add new properties to its portfolio in exciting destinations. The club will also lease and purchase properties as the membership base grows.

“Anyone who has ever rented a private vacation home has dealt with the frustrations of arriving at the property and being let down because it didn’t meet expectations.” said Tony Bacso co-founder of VacationHouse Destinations. “Luxury destination clubs have come up with a great solution but are restricted to membership costs that are only affordable by the select few. By working within a similar model that incorporates the benefits and convenience of destination clubs, we created a club model that drastically reduces costs for members and makes it affordable to nearly everyone.”

VacationHouse Destinations memberships are available with a one-time refundable membership fee of $2,000 and annual dues of $3,360 for a Silver membership that give the Club Member access to any of the clubs properties for 21 days a year.

About VacationHouse Destinations, LLC
VacationHouse Destinations, LLC was created to give members the luxury of a vacation home without the costs and maintenance of second home ownership. The Company is the first, truly affordable destination club where the price of membership does not run into the hundreds of thousands. Breaking out of the mold of luxury destination clubs, VacationHouse Destinations provides members with a portfolio of beautiful properties in desirable locations for an affordable price. With a one-time refundable membership deposit and annual dues, club members have access to a growing number of properties. The company is located in Seattle. For more information, please visit