Safe Driving Tips for the Holiday Travel Season

November 23, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The holiday season is going to be busy with people driving on the roads. You can protect yourself and your family by following safe driving tips. Jonathan Stein, a personal injury attorney in Elk Grove, CA, has provided a list of safe driving tips based on his experience as an attorney and a former insurance adjuster.

Before getting on the road, Stein suggests a little preventative maintenance. First, check all of your fluid levels. Second, perform a safety check on the car, including checking tires and making sure you have emergency equipment in your car. Never drive when you are tired or have not had proper rest, Mr. Stein said. "There are a lot of accidents from people driving when tired. This is very preventable. Your family and friends would rather have you arrive late, but safe and sound than not arrive at all," Stein said.

Once you are on the road, there are many tips to follow. Stein provided the following 10 tips that all drivers should follow:

1. Do NOT drink and drive. "In California, the legal limit is .08. However, if you have had a drink, do not drive home. You are always safer taking a taxi and getting your car in the morning," according to Stein.
2. Buckle up.
3. Pay attention.
4. Do not speed. Speed is deadly and causes many accidents.
5. Do not ignore stop signs and red lights. This is something so simple, but causes so many accidents. Stop when the light is red.
6. Avoid the blind spots of big rigs. "These are professional drivers and many of them are safe, but you need to give them ample room and make sure they can see you," Stein said. He suggested using your lights when you are near big rigs, even during the day.
7. Slow down at night.
8. Plan your trip. Make sure you know where you are going and you have a map or directions.
9. Read the rules of other states. If you are going to drive in another state, make sure you know their laws. Some states have differences and you need to be aware of these.
10. Avoid potential road rage situations. "It is not worth the risk. Drive on and let the other person be mad," Stein said.

After seeing thousands of accidents, Mr. Stein believes that following these tips, especially during this busy holiday season, will reduce the number of accidents and save lives. If you are involved in an accident, Stein has a list of things you must do after an accident. He is providing that list to you if you send him an email to You can learn more about this by visiting his website at or the California Personal Injury and Insurance Blog at