MicronNexus launches rental car XML interface for 18 rental car companies according to OTA standard

November 25, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Hamburg – The IT consulting company MicronNexus, operator of the leading rental car price comparison mietwagenmarkt.de and supplier for interfaces to various rental car companies, offers a revolutionary solution, to be docked to the product “rental car” in a simple, flexible and cost efficient fashion. Hence MicronNexus provides a universal adapter, which connects one or more rental car suppliers to the user´s system, depending on the customer´s preference. Now it is possible without any difficulty to approach all rental car suppliers based on the current OTA norm using one standardised interface.

OTA (Open Travel Alliance)
The Open Travel Alliance´s business is, to define norms for the tourism industry.
Meanwhile many renowned tourism companies have become associates and aspire to work according to this OTA standard. However it is not possible for all firms to adopt those norms completely into their system and adjust to the respective valid norm.

A custom made interface
Many companies are facing exactly this problem when trying to integrate the additional business “rental car“ in their system. The additional effort for the integration of rental car brokers is particularly extensive, since they offer their own individual interfaces. Even if some rental car companies already offer interfaces according to the OTA norm, adequate compatibility is not met, meaning the individual realization of the respective rental car companies needs to be considered additionally.

Consequently unnecessary additional charges arise even from the first integration.
If the integration of multiple rental car companies or a change of the supplier is desired, multiple costs result immediately. At this very point the MicronNexus solution allows a major financial savings potential and maximum flexibility. Yet another important alleviation is offered with MicronNexus automatically implementing consecutive changes in the respective interface. For the user this means that access to the interfaces is trouble-free and a permanent maintenance is no longer required.

The modularly designed interface solution by MicronNexus is a wholly implementation of the current OTA standard (OTA 2006A). The interface serves as “adapter”, that offers the user a “clean” interface connection to the supported car rental companies on OTA basis. CEO Mr Stefan Siebenberg states: “Besides the evident transparency I see the biggest benefit for enterprises in not having further costs when changing the rental car supplier after the initial implementation.”

The interface according to the current OTA norm is a further development of the B2B interface for the Dynamic Packaging market that has been already successfully launched a few months ago. Both interfaces are provided and overseen in parallel by MicronNexus.
The interfaces presently support 20 different languages.
For further information please visit: http://www.mietwagenmarkt.de/presse.aspx

MicronNexus is an IT consulting company based in Hamburg, founded in 1999. In the same year MicronNexus launched the project “mietwagenmarkt.de”, which in the meantime has become one of the leading portals worldwide for comparisons regarding rental cars. In all areas of competence ranging from IT consulting and training, network consulting to internet consulting MicronNexus focuses on offering the shortest and cost effective solution.Goal is to bridge the gap between technology and user, providing all employees with a concise, secure and easy to use system. Thus we create one of the most important requirements for efficiency and success of your company.