Double Oscar winner Hilary Swank volunteers with United Planet in India

November 29, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As a way to personally join in the struggle to bring about greater social justice, Ms. Swank contacted United Planet for the opportunity to return something to the world. The actress traveled to India for two weeks, spending her time at a rural village in the north called Palampur, where she worked as a teaching assistant and a caregiver at an orphanage. While teaching children from ages 4 to 13 English, she created a playful environment to enhance the children’s imaginations. She drew on boards with ink, showing the children how the alphabet is written so that they could then write it on their own. At the orphanage, she gave personal attention and care to children who rarely receive it. The orphanage is home to 23 children and there is only one woman to provide for all of them. With just a hug, Ms. Swank was able to give children affection that they never receive. After this experience the actress reported in a Vanity Fair interview that this trip was incredible.

The actress ended her India trip with a promise to return again.

United Planet is proud that such a positive role model participated in a United Planet Quest. We are sure that Ms. Swank’s example will inspire people of all ages around the world to take an active role in exploring their world and making a difference worldwide.

Devoted to fostering cross-cultural understanding and friendship, United Planet bridges the gap between cultures to support communities in need and promote social and economic prosperity.

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