Indigo Society, a community for the Indigo Children Phenomenon

December 01, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
December 1, 2006

The New Age movement calls them the Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow children and adults. Researchers, authors, and teachers have tried to describe the Indigo Phenomenon with a variety of tests and lists of "symptoms", which includes high intelligence, psychic and alternative healing abilities, difficulties adapting in traditional educational models, and those misdiagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome or ADD/ADHD. They are said to have deep and compelling eyes and children are said to possess wisdom "beyond their years".

The launch of a new group, INDIGO SOCIETY, is looking to change these rather vague and even "gimmicky" ideas into a real world movement.

INDIGO SOCIETY ( ), is adding new members at record speed. Members include musicians, artists and photographers, programmers, those gifted in physics, mathematics disciplines, philosophy, geomancy, even in energetic healing, psychic abilities, and coupled with a synthesis and new understanding of world religions, mysticism, esotericism.

This is a defining moment in human history: people born with or "awakening to" their GENIUS a multidimensional and multidisciplinarian approach to problem solving. This genius, members of Indigo Society insist, is readily available in ALL HUMANS and they are here to be at the forefront of this new awareness.

Members of Indigo Society are examining societal norms and values, such as consumerism, health and nutrition, healing, traditional education, the environment, interpersonal relations, architecture, politics, war and aggression, a philosophical approach to the truth of being human—giving a unique and promising advantage to societal problem solving in the 21st century. This will be a synergetic approach, which is sorely needed in our day and age.

What exactly is this all about? An evolutionary imperative in the face of world wide socio-political and environmental issues? A prophesied "special time on earth", an example of the potentials of human imagination reaching its 'outer limits'? Indigo Society is exploring these concepts and working to collectively state this "New Age Gimmick" is very much a REAL PHENOMENON, one that is full of hope and promise…and practicality.

The group's founder, Daniel Fischer, says it is about spreading a "New Awareness". This awareness promises to change the face of the world as we know it. Vague terms and idealistic promises heard before! What makes this group different?

One of the group's developers says that this will be the first group of its kind. A collective of children and adults who classify themselves as being Indigos, Star Kids, Crystals or other catchphrases — are working to get past notions of 'specialness' and put that concept to the real world test: DOING SOMETHING.

She says, "This group is extremely focused on developing a vision and making a practical application of that vision to the real world. I am amazed at the level of maturity of these young people and their ability to approach these issues with an impressive level of awareness, wisdom and knowledge. We are looking forward to the projects these kids and adults would like to execute, and will do whatever it takes to support this vision to its completion."

This PR an invitation to the media, investors, people interested in this phenomenon, those who classify themselves as Indigos, and group mentors to join the group and help spread this New Awareness on behalf of the Indigo Society.
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