Local professor in Maine seeks algebra students for study, Students can apply online at www.algebrasurvey.org.

December 02, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
If your one of the thousands of Maine students and parents fighting through your first semester of Algebra 1, Dr. David L. Silvernail, a USM professor has a solution for the students. Participating students will be provided a tutor at no cost for the entire second semester. In return students will be asked to fill out 4 short questionnaires about their experience. Students are encouraged to work with the tutor on a weekly basis, and must schedule at least 12 sessions before June 30, 2007.

Participation in the study will be limited to students who achieved grades of B, C, D or F in the first semester of Algebra 1 and have access to the internet. Dr Silvernail said “this is an interesting study because the results could help students and parents finally find a way to improve performance in a subject that is difficult and stressful for many”.

Less than 5% of American students receive tutoring, even though tutoring is available from a variety of sources including for free in many communities. “There are a number of factors that can influence this, cost, convenience, stigma and transportation to name a few. “If online delivery works and can help students improve, it may be a more comfortable fit for millions of students” Dr. Silvernail said.

Dr. Silvernail has over 25 years of research and education policy experience in the fields of school finance, school reform, and large scale assessment.
Most recently Dr. Silvernail has served as lead research analyst for the Maine State Board of Education and the Maine State Legislature in the development of a new adequacy basis school funding formula for Maine. Currently Dr. Silvernail is conducting several research studies including ones related to laptops, mathematic education, and high performing schools.

The survey is being sponsored by www.TutorwithoutLimits.com of Potomac Maryland. Tutors without Limits connects students and tutors around the world for scheduled and help on demand sessions with the most advanced learning system available—the Lesson Board. Glynn Willett, co-founder of ATX of Caribou Maine, and his son Wade Willett are the founders of TWL. Angus King former Maine governor is a tutor and advisor for the company.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Silvernail at davids@usm.maine.edu.