Tomisimo unveils Spanish-English dictionary for mobile devices

December 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Spanish English dictionary Tomisimo has released a searchable online dictionary made especially for cellphones, PDAs and other mobile devices.

In the past, foreign language learners have had to lug bilingual dictionaries around to do their homework, study and converse with native speakers. With this new search service, anyone with a cellphone or other mobile device and internet access can freely look up and translate words to and from Spanish.

With reduced page size and a minimalist design, Tomisimo's new mobile dictionary ( loads quickly and gives you answers in seconds. Simply input a word in either English or Spanish and the dictionary will respond with the 10 most relevant translations. To view more entries, use the "next" link.

The dictionary contains more than 160,000 translations and is continually being improved and enlarged to provide a complete translation tool.

An important part of using a bilingual dictionary like Tomisimo, is doing a "reverse lookup". This is important because many words have more than one meaning. A search for "house" may return the translations "casa" and "morada". A reverse lookup— searching for "casa" and then "morada"— will confirm that "casa" is the most common translation for "house", while "morada" usually means "dwelling". Tomisimo makes reverse lookups easy by linking each word in the search results so that you can simply click any word to search for it.

You're not limited to searching from your phone or mobile device. You can also use the regular web interface ( which provides a dictionary search, forums, news and up-to-date tips on learning Spanish. If your question can't be answered using the dictionary, the forums allow users to collaborate and answers each others' questions.

If you're a student, a professional or simply want to look up a Spanish word, give Tomisimo a try. You have nothing to lose (it's free). On the contrary you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dictionary. Whatever device you use to access Tomisimo— computer, cellphone, or PDA— you'll most likely agree: Tomisimo is a useful language-learning tool.

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