December 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
The Perfectstroke Putting Studio has recently been developed at the Lakelands Golf on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Australia.
The feature of the facility is a raised putting platform of 3 metres in length which can absolutely simulate putting conditions of the worlds best greens. The surface runs at around 13.5 on a stimp meter and is adjustable for left to right, right to left, flat and straight and uphill putts. It is indoors and is used by the Lakelands Golf Club golf professional staff to give putting lessons and in particular to use the SAM PuttLab system. SAM uses ultra sound to measure 28 variables in the putting stroke and golf instructors then use the extensive range of Perfectstroke products to improve any problem areas in the stroke. These products include the Perfectstroke Putting Aid which has been rated as the Number 1 Golf Putting Teaching and Training Aid in the World, the Perfectstroke Putting Line, Perfectstroke Putting Mirror and the Perfectstroke Channel Mirror.
The raised platform gives a very realistic feel to the surface and the hole is standard sized and able to accept up to 9 balls “We believe that we can now provide the best practice and training facility for putting in the world and we are giving many lessons using the SAM system in the studio.” Perfectstroke Managing Director and PGA member Mark Officer said.
Lakelands .Head professional David Nable also enthuses about the SAM system and the new putting studio. “We can now give putting advice and do an assessment based on absolute truths regarding what is happening in the putting stroke.and therefore more easily help people improve. All of my students have improved their putting and their scores dramatically since being tested on SAM and using the Perfectstroke putting products.”
The SAM system can be used in a training mode so that students don’t have to be supervised by an instructor all the time.. Leading Australian PGA Tour players and top level amateur players are booking into the putting studio at Lakelands to improve and develop their strokes so that they can compete and excel against the best players in the world. Players of all levels are also utilizing the Lakelands facility which is developing the reputation as Australia’s leading golf instruction facility.
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