Top B.A.S.S. Touring Pro Frank Scalish Talks Bass with S&K Radio from Lake Norman

March 26, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Frank Scalish, touring B.A.S.S. pro, has accomplished quite a few things since turning pro in 2001.

He has recently given an interview to Steve vonBrandt, radio and TV personality, and owner of S&K Bass Fishing School, and the fast growing Delaware tackle store located in Delaware and on the web.

Steve and Frank discuss the tour, tips and tactics used to win in Lake Erie, and other old school tactics and philosophy that many of todays young anglers have ignored, and do so while Frank is pre-fishing for the tournament on Lake Norman.

Frank is married with 4 children, yet balances his pro career well with his family and sponsor obligations.

To learn more about Frank Scalish and hear some interesting tips from one of todays top pros, just stop by the new S&K radio and video productions web site at and tune in the audio section. You will find it an interesting and informative show.

When Frank taked with Steve vonBrandt from lake Norman while prefishing the other day, he beleived he was on a winning pattern, and we wish him all the best this year on tour.

Frank said, "Iíve been fishing since I canít even remember when. I wanted to fish the Bassmasters Tournament since I was 14, and Iíve fished semi-pro and other tournaments since I was 16. Iíve been fishing my whole life but I went pro two years ago."

"This is my third season on the pro tour. First you fish the invitationals or open tournaments as they call them today. There are about 250 competitors in each division and they take the top 24 qualified for the tour. So I qualified and my first season on the tour, I won the rookie of the year and made the Bassmaster Classic."

"The Classic is like the Superbowl of bass fishing. And basically, thatís when I decided I would do it full time. Before that, I had a small ad agency for about 18 years. Iíve been in the Cleveland area my whole life. We have four kids and my wife is the nucleus of the family. My travel is extensive and her support is critical."