A New Web Site on The Battle of Groton Heights & Burning of New London Launched

December 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
New London, Conn.

A website dedicated to one of America's most forgotten events the British Raid on New London and subsequent massacre of American Troops at Groton Heights has been launched. The new site offers information on Groton and New London through the American Revolution, The Burning of New London and Battle of Groton Heights and The Aftermath of one of the most forgotten events in US History has been launched at http://www.battleofgrotonheights.com

"While there are hundreds of scholars and historians covering most events and personalities of the American Revolution few have touched upon the Raid on New London and subsequent Battle of Groton Heights on September 6, 1781" said site founder Evan J. Andriopoulos. "Perhaps it is due to the "hot button name" Benedict Arnold a Norwich native who turned traitor in 1780 and led the raid on New London and Groton" followed Andriopoulos. "Thanks in part to Bill Stanley of Norwich for his endless efforts to bring attention to Benedict Arnold a fierce fighter & leader a.k.a. "doer" and David Palmer for his book on Washington & Arnold" for bringing some attention to this event.

"As time continues to go by new information and attention is being given to this event that not only shook the countryside but the entire young nation fighting for it's independence" said Andriopoulos. "In the times of the American Revolution New London was a very important port, with an active global trade and through the Revolution as a center of Privateering or legalized Piracy commissioned by the state and this annoyed British Commanders including Sir Henry Clinton in New York"—followed Andriopoulos. "At this very stage in the war most attention goes to the war in the south and eventually the siege at Yorktown in October of 1781 but few know that the raid on New London was much more than a raid but an effort to destroy the privateering exploits of New London privateers and divert the attention of Rochambeau and Washington as they were finalizing their movements to meet and destroy Lord Cornwallis and the Southern Army of Britain.

September 2006 brought the 225th Anniversary of the Siege at Yorktown and the raid on New London and Battle of Groton Heights giving re-enactors from across North America and the United Kingdom a chance to re-live and add to the proud history of the United States.

"I promised myself in 1981 when I attended the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Groton Heights that I would participate in the next "big one"" said Andriopoulos… "the 225th and the Ye Olde Lebanon Towne Militia" gave me the opportunity. With this information and my passion for history I thought it time to give the 225th Anniversary and the actual event in 1781 some well due attention" said a passionate Andriopoulos. "I hope one day my dream is realized and that is to have a Hollywood film made of the events" said Andriopoulos.

The website is not only filled with information and accounts of the Battle and Burning but of photographs of buildings that survived the burning of the town and some that were later demolished as well as information on the aftermath of the events and the effect on the local economy. The site is listed as "living" which means reader feedback is welcomed and the site will continue to mature as time warrants.

"My goal is to bring about a dialogue, clarification and affords a more better view of what happened and the sacrifices those people made on September 6, 1781 so that we can live as we do today" concluded Andriopoulos.

The Web Site is http://www.battleofgrotonheights.com