Taking Writers Under Their Wing

December 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Authors in need of professional guidance with a personal approach have turned to and continue to turn to Digi-Tall Media, a growing company specializing in marketing and distribution services. For many writers, Digi-Tall Media is like having a second family, and in the past month, their family has grown to house Business and Health and Fitness writers, as well as new writers in their already established book categories: African American, Children’s Educational, Children’s Literature, English and Literature, Geography, History, Math, Science as well as Social Studies.
2007 marks a new era for this media company that now offers scriptwriting services being provided by Nikki Anne Schmutz, an experienced screenwriter, novelist, playwright, award-winning poet, songwriter, and lyricist. Nikki's love of the creative process brought her into the world of screenwriting, where she feels very much at home. "Out of Step," her first screenplay was produced and filmed for the big screen and showed in theaters. Since that time, she has written a dozen screenplays and has adapted several books to screen. Nikki also has written two novels, "Found" and "Out of Step." More information on the script sample/script coverage services now being offered can be found at www.digi-tall-media.com and www.entrywaymarketing.com.
Along with the scriptwriting and script coverage services, come R.D. and Trina Foster with their newly offered Transcription Service. Need your lifetime of notes edited into a book? How about your book being turned into a CD? Maybe you need those recordings of lectures or sermons turned into an audio book? To inquire, please contact Digi-Tall Media and ask for RD Foster. Send manuscripts entrywaypublish@aol.com for consideration and inclusion.
Digi-Tall Media specializes in supplemental educational resources to further the understanding of specific subjects of interest to those wishing to learn about America and the American way of life. The staff strives to bring reasonably priced products to individuals and groups, offering worldwide distribution and prompt customer service.
“There is no need to assume that a book has to be published by our company in order for us to market it,” explains VicToria Freudiger, Founder and Editorial Director of Digi-Tall Media. “We successfully market and sell many books that are not published by us, and strive to help writers and businesses become successful as a whole.”
If you want your educational books and/or other media products distributed in the United States or throughout the world, please contact Thomas at digitallbusmgr@aol.com. All Canada inquiries can be sent to entrywaycanada@aol.com.